16 Benefits Of Melon For Health

16 Benefits Of Melon For Health

Fruit melon fruit is one of the most preferred by many people, surely this is because melon fruit flavours that are so delicious. Melon is also frequently used as a fruit to refresh the mouth. Eat fruit melon will taste more delicious if it is consumed in the cold conditions. Melon fruit also has a delicious scent so it attracts a lot of people like to eat it. Melon fruit is easy to get, because melons now widely sold over the counter.

Melon fruit turns out to have quite a good nutrient content, so it has a variety of benefits for health. the important content that is found in the melon of them such as carbohydrates, fiber, water, potassium, vitamins and other nutrient content. Well, below are the benefits of melon for health.


The melon fruit has vitamin C which is quite high. Already we know that vitamin C contain antioxidant compounds that are useful for protecting the body from free radicals that are harmful to cells. The cells are exposed to free radicals are constantly broken and will make your skin in the leather not healthy from the inside.

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To maintain the health of the Heart

Melon can help heart health in two ways. First of all, with a high level of food fiber, which can help reduce cholesterol "poorly" in the body, so that it is able to protect the body against atherosclerosis. The second, also because of its high potassium content, which acts as a vasodilator, which can reduce your blood pressure, thus decreasing the likelihood of coronary artery disease, affected or suffered a stroke/Heart attack.

Prevention of stroke

As last, we have already transmitted that in my fruit melon contains potassium that can help control blood pressure in the body. So fruit melon can keep you from the risk of a stroke. Not to mention the melon is also a fruit that is very low in calories and fats so well consumed by anyone, including those who are on a diet. And melon fruits can also reduce and prevent serious illnesses such as diabetes.

Preventing diabetes

In addition to controlling blood pressure in the body, the benefits of melon fruit the other is able to regulate the blood sugar levels in the body. This is because the melons contain natural sugars and the water can certainly also preventing the risk of diabetes. Therefore, if you are a hobby of eating sweet foods or fatty foods, should also balance by consuming fruits such as melons.
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Aids Digestion

Dietary fiber, especially soluble fiber such as pectin, contained in the melon is very high. This fiber can help eliminate constipation, making bowel movements become smooth and able to overcome the problem of the gastrointestinal (digestive) others. The dissolved fibers contained in the melon fruit makes us feel full, so we don't need to overeat. Therefore, this fruit is perfect for you who are a diet or want to control their weight.

To maintain eye health

In addition to vitamin C, the melon merits also came from vitamin A. Vitamins are very nutritious to maintain eye health. In addition, they are also able to make your eyes clearer and clearer. For those of you who are distinctive, this fruit can be an alternative in addition to carrots. You can make fresh juice and delicious melons, as well as health.

Amplify the immune system and prevent cancer

The benefits of melon on the top are mediated by high levels of vitamin C, vitamin A, and carotenoids and bioflavonoids. All these substances are antioxidants so that it has been able to increase the body's resistance. That's why eating fruit melon can protect our body from various illnesses, including cancer. Specifically, the melon also contains organic compounds that have been associated with a reduction in lung, mouth, and colon and breast cancer.
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When you are wrong or too often eat different foods, then your digestion will be disturbed. With the benefit of melon that is supported by a high enough fiber content, your digestion will be healthier. Useful fibers facilitate as well as collecting leftover food in your digestive system, so it can be directly removed from the body.

Helps reduce stress

Does the work and the amount of the duty make you become stressed? Try melon, fruit advantage because this rich potassium fruit that can normalize the heart rate and increase the oxygen supply to the brain, make you feel more relaxed and focused. In addition, it contains superoxide dismutase melons that can fight stress by lowering blood pressure and soothes nerves. This at the same time prevents cell death due to oxidative stress.

Prevention of stroke

Stroke is almost the same as the heart attack disease, because both diseases are the most common types of diseases affecting humans when they do not keep the diet properly. The benefits of melon can prevent you from attacking dangerous attacks.

Preventing cancer

One of the pretty dangerous diseases like cancer could be prevented by melon fruit. The content of what is in this fruit? The answer is the carotenoids. The compound could prevent the cancer from being assaulted.

Beneficial to the lungs

Perhaps many of us have not learned that melon is one of the best fruits to our lungs? Melon intake regularly fills the body of vitamin A loss during certain periods caused by smoking permanently or exposed to smoke-free cigarettes. Melon helps to rejuvenate the lungs and very beneficial for smokers as his lungs have been severely damaged due to smoking.

Contains vitamin C

The melon fruit contains vitamin C which is useful for both healths. Per day you can eat a cup of melon, similar to that of daily vitamin C needs you. Vitamin C is useful for both the body, as it can stimulate the immune system and help prevent diseases and infections that attack.
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High potassium content

A potassium deficiency can cause a heartbeat to become irregular and not the blood flow smoothly. Well, one of the benefits of the fruit is the melons contain potassium doses in equilibrium for the body, in a cup (100 grams) of meat fruits. Potassium in these melons also helps to prevent the elevation of blood pressure. You can modify the fruit melon, watermelon, and cantaloupe salad and breakfast menu as you.

Content rich in vitamin B6

Like other B-vitamins, vitamin B-6 functions as coenzymes, which are useful for process chemistry. This enzyme is used one of them to metabolize proteins. Vitamin B-6 in fruit melon, it is important to stimulate the serotonin of the nervous system, the neurotransmitter that helps regulate the mood and make your sleep healthier.

In addition, the contents of vitamin B-6 on melon fruit can change the contents of Homosistein to useful substances acid Aminio which is good for the body. It is important to change the substance of a homosistein, because the substance is often associated with the presence of an increasing risk of cardiovascular problems. In addition to vitamin B6, the melon also contain vitamin B1 and vitamin B3 are also beneficial for the health of the body.

Helps to reduce weight melon can help with weight loss because it is low in calories and high in fiber. Filling the stomach with the consumption of fiber-rich foods can make you feel longer. In order to prevent you from eating the excess snack between desire and night.
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Premature anti-aging

Cantaloupe contains vitamin K and E that plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin and is able to make the skin shine. High moisture content is able to moisturize your skin from the inside. In addition, the melon is also a source of vitamin B, Kolin, and good quality that can make your skin stay fresh and youthful look. The content of vitamin A and C are high in fruit melon can encourage skin regeneration and collagen formation, connective tissue and give the impression of young people on your skin. The abundant folic acid facilitates the process of cell regeneration, thus making your skin always healthy and preventing damage from free radicals. In doing so, the melon has been able to maintain the elasticity of the skin and facilitate the synthesis of collagen, thus providing the benefits of anti-aging on your skin.

That's the benefit of melon for health, well start now so routinely melon consumption benefit. Thanks for his visit and hopefully useful.


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