14 Sources Of Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

14 Sources Of Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

The body needs vitamin B complex for all organs of the body can work optimally. Vitamin B complex is composed of several types of vitamins including vitamin B2, vitamin B2, Vitamin B3 and so on. One of them is vitamin B2 which has the function of assisting in the formation of energy, reproduction of the red blood cells and so on. Lack of vitamin B2 is certainly going to cause health problems such as sore throats, mouth ulcers, and iron in the body decreases and so on.

You have to meet the vitamin B2 per day either through foods or in supplement form. It is now widely available vitamin B2 supplements which have been sold over the counter, but the vitamin B2 is best derived from food, especially fruit and vegetables. To get the vitamin B2 intake you should consume foods that contain vitamin B2. Foods that contain vitamin B2 is below.


Beef and mutton or lamb is a source of vitamin B2. Meat or meat products will give you vitamin B2 in sufficient quantity, i.e. about 12% of the daily requirement.


The content of vitamin B2 in 100 Gram fruit tomatoes is 0.49 MCG. The fruit is known among young children as a clown's nose is easily found on the market or in the kitchen of the house (if your mother is the one who likes to cook). Unfortunately, now it's already a lot of people who grow Rotten Tomatoes in various forms, like sauce. For this, you must be skillful in choosing a sauce so as not to suffer from a digestive system disease.


The content of vitamin B2 in 100 grams of fungi is 0.31 MCG. The fungus itself is useful for lowering cholesterol, antibacterial, anti tumor, so being able to be used in the treatment of diabetes, anemia, the lever, can also lose weight. So do not be reluctant to consume mushrooms, because the fungus is already better served in dishes such as chili, soups, fried rice, and more.


Nuts are classified as nutritious dense foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Among nuts, almonds are foods rich in vitamin B2 better provide 1.10 mg or 60% of daily value in serving of 100 grams. Other nuts containing riboflavin in smaller quantities include pistachios, sprockets and cashew nuts, each providing 4% of the daily vitamin B2 value in the 28.5 gram portion. The nuts are easy to carry and can be eaten as a snack at any time of the day.


The almond is a food source of vitamin B2. 28 grams of beans it would give our bodies around 0.28 mg of riboflavin or 17% of the daily recommendation. Meanwhile, cashews, pine nuts, pistachios are each an ounce to meet only the 4% of the daily requirement. So the almond is the highest nut containing vitamin B2.


The nutrient content in the form of vitamin B2 in 100 grams of spinach is 0,189 MCG. At least the size is more than enough for the body if it is now in regular consumption. In addition to vitamin B2, spinach is also a source of vitamin K is needed by the body for skin care, prevent premature aging and makes the skin smoother.
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Soy beans

Soybeans also have a nutrient content in particular vitamin B2. The content of vitamin B2 in soybeans 100 gram is 0.76 MCG. The benefit of soy beans is much for healthy. It is already known in Indonesia as a cheap festive food rich in nutrition. Like tempeh and tofu is a food with soy essence. Even soy beans can be combined in soy milk.


Milk here is derived from cow's milk. Vitamin B2 is contained in fresh cow's milk helps sharpen the vision.


Cheese is a delicious and healthy food, and will provide for your body with vitamin B2. 100 The GM cheese provides about 1.38 mg of riboflavin, sufficient to meet about 81% of the daily needs of our body.


The egg is an amazing source of protein and other nutrients, vitamin B2 being one of them. Only one boiled egg gives 0.26 mg or 15% of the daily value of riboflavin. Similarly, raw or fried egg provides daily value of 13% as such, one of the ways promotes increasing the intake of vitamin B2 you is to eat eggs on a plate of your breakfast.


Asparagus is a vegetable rich in vitamins and minerals. As vitamin B1 contains 0143 mg, vitamin B2 contains 0141 mg, vitamin B3 contains 0978 mg, vitamin B5 contains 0274 mg, and vitamin B6 contains 0091 mg.
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Green vegetables

Green vegetables are a source of nutrients. The spinach was great food when we talk about the value of nutrition. Spinach is also the source of sufficient vitamin B2 with a portion of 100 grams provides 0.24 mg or 14% of the daily value of riboflavin. Other green riboflavin vegetables include pieces of vegetables (24% of daily value), asparagus (14% of daily value), green cabbage (12% daily value) and broccoli (8% of daily value). So you can enjoy it in the dish with steamed vegetables or enjoy it in the form of salad to get the recommended amounts of nutrients, including vitamin B2.


This green vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals for the body. Depending on the nutrient content in broccoli, there are some vitamins such as vitamin A contains 228.07 Re, vitamin B1 contains 0.09 mg, vitamin B2 contains 0.18 mg and many more vitamins contained in broccoli.


Then, the salmon contains vitamin B2 as much as 0.49 MCG in 100 grams. While trout contains vitamin B2 is 0.42 mcg in every 100 grams. Although other fish also contain a lot of vitamin B2, but these fish more found in a sea of America and Europe.

That is some food that had a huge vitamin B2 is high, and you can consume each day. May be useful.


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