13 Health Benefits Of Papaya

13 Health Benefits Of Papaya

Papaya fruit has a flavor that is delicious and easy we have gained, not only taste delicious, but fruit papaya is also rich in vitamin and mineral content. Papaya nutrition content high enough makes this fruit has many benefits for health. Papaya nutrient content that is important to the body like vitamin C can be utilized to meet the needs of the body's nutritional intake per day.

In one standard size papaya fruit contains 235 mg vitamin C, we know that the benefits of vitamin C is very large for the body especially as antioxidants that fight cancer. The other type of vitamin is vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin k. compounds other papaya is potassium, folate, Pantothenic acid, calcium, magnesium, betacaroten lutein, likopen and zeaxanthan. The following ara the benefits of papaya for the health of the body.

13 Health Benefits Of Papaya

Healthy eyes

Content of beta-carotene found in papaya is good for the eyes. In addition the antioxidant content of zeaxanthin is also able to ward off the dangers arising from the problem of macular degeneration, and filter blue light hazard that can harm the eyes.
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Lower cholesterol

The fruit is known as the fruit of the Angels by Christopher Columbus is rich in fiber, vitamin C, as well as a variety of antioxidants that can prevent a build-up of cholesterol in the blood vessels. As we know, that heap of cholesterol can block the path of blood so that trigger heart attacks and strokes as well.
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Anti inflammatory

Benefits of papaya for patients with arthritis, osteoporosis, edama can relieve pain due to anti inflammatory enzymes contained in papaya. They also have the properties of enzymes prevent cancer.

Skin health

Papaya has an active role in the field of beauty as well as health; one of them is to the surface of the skin in case of hydrate or brightens dull skin refreshing. This is caused by vitamin A, C and E in papaya fruit.
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Healthy bones

A deficiency of vitamin K intake was associated with a much higher risk, the problem of broken bones. It is important to consume papaya fruit, to fulfill the needs of vitamin K for bone health is good. Because of the action of bone matrix proteins in changing, increasing the absorption of calcium and can reduce the excretion of calcium.

Lose weight

There are only 120 calories in one medium-sized papaya. So if you plan to lose weight, then do not forget to include the menu as one of papaya to eat. In addition, other papaya fruit also benefits you will get, that is the bonus of fiber that is able to make the belly full longer so that the desire to eat so reduced.
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Nourish hair

To be able to grow healthy hair needs to be maintained, the humidity of the hair. The content of vitamin A in papaya can trigger the production of sebum which serves to provide moisture to the hair while making hair thrives.
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Boost immune system

The immune system is a shield that protects the body against various infections cause disease. 1 papaya fruit because it contains more than 200% of the daily vitamin C needs, then the auto-immune system strengthened after consuming papaya.

Good For Diabetics

On a research has shown that type 1 diabetics who are consuming a diet high in fiber have blood glucose levels and type 2 diabetics may increase blood sugar, lipid and insulin. 1 medium-size green papaya fruit, providing about 4.7 grams fiber.
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Heal sores on the skin

Research shows that the content of papain proteolytic enzymes and Chymopapain that is in papaya can prevent infection in burns and aid the healing of wounds. To overcome skin problems such as wounds lying for too long (decubitus ulcers), you could use ointments containing the enzyme papain.

Preventing arthritis

Arthritis is one of the health disorders that enough suffering of its victims. If you want to avoid it, so consumption of papaya that is also good for bones. Benefits of papaya fruit on this one is mediated by the presence of anti-inflammatory agent content and vitamin C. As reported by the results of the study, published Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, that they are lacking in vitamin C was found to be 3 x higher risk exposed Arthritis (inflammation of joints).

Help the digestive system

In modern era such as now, rarely can we find food that is really friendly to health and digestive tract. Often the food we buy at the restaurant have been processed with a dirty oil. And it all is not good for the health of the body or digestion. So that, the digestive tract stay healthy, then the regular consumption of papaya fruit, which contain papain. While collaborating with fiber, then the digestive enzymes can help improve the health of the digestive system.

Prevent heart disease

The content of fiber, potassium and vitamins in papaya helps the body in preventing heart disease. An increased intake of potassium, which is performed simultaneously with a decrease in sodium intake, dietary change is the most important, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The content of the enzyme in papaya can also help prevent oxidation of cholesterol that can suppress cholesterol levels and help prevent heart disease symptoms.

That's the remarkable benefits of papaya for health body. Papaya has been on sale in the market, so papaya is easily found. Papaya fruit is put into your daily menu list.


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