12 Benefits Of Betel Leaf, Help Resolve The Complaint To Your Health

12 Benefits Of Betel Leaf, Help Resolve The Complaint To Your Health

The betel leaf is already trusted since ancient a time that is used in traditional medicine. These magical leaves are utilized to resolve complaints of illness, not just that alone, the betel leaf is also known as the plant that can make your teeth cleaner and stronger. This is due to the betel leaf has anti bacterial properties.

Most people understand less about betel leaves, but they direct practice to use betel leaf and get results. Besides the betel leaves are used in treatment, the betel leaf is also known as leaf for beauty. Efficacy of betel leaf in modern times this has applied into beauty products that have been sold in the market.

Many manufacturers of beauty that adds betel leaf into the composition of the product as in the soap, mouthwash, etc. To find out details of the benefits of betel leaf, please read below.

Coping with strep throat

Strep throat is almost like asthma. Although not a disease that is chronic, but sore throat has symptoms-the symptoms are very disturbing and very frustrating. Well, you can make a stew from the sea leaf, with exactly the same way with the treatment of asthma, but drink the water decoction only when feels the sore throat only. Water decoction of the sheet of the sea can relieve your throat and relieve the symptoms of sore throat, such as:

  1. Sound that feels hoarse
  2. Cough-Cough
  3. Pain during ingestion
  4. It’s hard to talk

To prevent vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is an area of public nuisance already experienced femininity; whitish usually causes itching and very disturbing. If the left continuous vaginal flow can trigger cervical cancer. Therefore, please either fixes whitish with a leaf concoction of how rip-rip 10 old green leaves from the area and then boiled with 250 ml of water, after cold use to wash the area of femininity. Apply this way once a day.
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To prevent bad breath

One of the other advantages of the leaf decoction of the blade is able to eliminate bad breath. Sometimes bad breath, especially after consuming foods that cause bad breath, it is extremely disturbing. Therefore, you can try using stew from the leaf of the blade to eliminate your bad breath.

How to eliminate bad breath with blade leaf?

Here are the steps-steps that can be done to eliminate bad breath by using the leaves of the

  1. Take 3 – 4 pieces of sheet of
  2. Boil the leaves of the
  3. Wait and let it sit until the stew in a cold and not warm
  4. Rinse with water decoction of the leaves of the sea, especially after eating and after the toothbrush.

Clean the oral cavity

These benefits are the same as the benefits of the leaf decoction of the blade which is able to refresh and eliminate bad breath. You can make a stew from the leaf of the blade is the same as how the number is 5, then gargle with the use of the casserole leaves stew after a meal and brush your teeth.
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As bronchitis medicinal disease

How to treat bronchitis with the leaves of the sea are very easy i.e. boiling 10 pieces of leaves are dark green with 300 ml of water until the water has been reduced in a 150 ml only. Drink grass on it, regularly 3 times a day 2 days.

Treat canker sores and painful gums

In fact, to treat canker sores and pain in the gums, you can chew the leaf from what directly. But if you feel disgusted with the leaves of the blade are chewed directly, then you can try another alternative, namely with the gargle using the leaf decoction of the sheet.

Step-step, just like how the number 5, gargle when you feel the thrush, because the leaves of the, are vitamins that can help accelerate the healing of canker sores.
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Asthma treatment

How to do? Prepare the 4-5, leaf blade; simmer the leaves in 2 glasses of water until they remain 1 cups only. Drink the stew with the routine at least 2-3 glasses a day.

Tackling eye irritation

The benefit of the next series of Leaf decoction is to treat eye irritation and reduce pain. The eye is one of the most commonly affected organs and the most vulnerable to infection and inflammation. This is because the eyes are often open and a lot of allergens as well as pollutants that can cause eye irritation, which makes the eye, itch, red, painful and feels sick.

When eye irritation occurs, and regular eye drops medications cannot be relied on to cure it, then you can try to use the decoction of the leaf of the blade to relieve the symptoms of eye irritation.

How to do?

The following are the steps-the steps in processing the leaf of the blade in order to treat irritation and pain on the eyes:

  1. Take 1 – 2 pieces of sheet of
  2. Boil the leaf of the blade to boil with ½-1 cup of water
  3. Wait for the water to feel cold and without heat
  4. Squirt Stew Results leaves the series to the eye, or you can also use the water decoction of the leaves of the sea for your eyes compress an unused.
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To treat the problem of bleeding gums

Boil 10 sheets of red paper with 4 cups of boiling water. Use the decoction for the water gargle at least 3 times a day.
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Eliminating body odor

Sheet of paper 10-15 boiled and a half teaspoon of salt in 4 cups of water until the remaining 2 glasses only. Drinking water is boiled twice a day.

Treat allergies that cause hives

Place 6 sheets of sheet of paper, 1.5 spoons of eucalyptus Oil, and also 1 piece of ginger. Mash all the ingredients and then apply it on the itchy areas.

Cavity treatment

How, boiled a piece of sheets of paper sheet with 2 cups of water to boil. Using of the water decoction of him to Gargle. Do it repeatedly, until completely recovered.
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That's the benefit of betel leaf; if you experience health complaints as mentioned above, you can use the betel leaf for traditional medicine. However, before you use the betel leaf, better consultation on expert.

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