11 Benefits Of Guava Leaves For Health

11 Benefits Of Guava Leaves For Health

Guava is rich in nutrition and has great benefits for maintaining the health of the body. Not only are fruits that can be beneficial to health, guava leaves seeds have also been proven to be pleased. The leaves of the guava proved to be used as a herbal remedy for overcoming various ailments. Natural treatment, you can use the leaves of guava as efficaciously materials.

Guava leaves known as a natural remedy to cure diarrhea, and other content to be able to control the bad cholesterol in the blood. The following benefits of guava leaves for health naturally.

Treat diarrhea

Guava Leaf tea can help to inhibit various bacteria causing diarrhea. For patients with diarrhea, drink this tea will probably experience less stool, abdominal pain, stool is not watered and faster recovery, according to Drugs.com. A study published in "Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo" in 2008 revealed that the extracts of guava leaves inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, which is a common cause of diarrhea.

The researchers also found that the guava leaf extract effectively kills a type of bacteria that can cause diarrhea infections. Several small clinical studies support the benefits of the guava leaf, one of which was published in 2000 in the "Chinese Journal of Traditional and Western medicine integrated" where subjects were given extracts of guava leaves to Recover more quickly from infection diarrhea than those who did not receive the extract, but more important tests were still needed to confirm these benefits.

Prevent and treat diabetes mellitus disease

Benefits of guava leaves the 2nd was that diabetes mellitus or more popular with the name of diabetes is a serious disease. This disease is caused by increased levels of blood sugar. A study revealed that the guava leaf may inhibit the absorption of glucose in the blood. So the blood glucose levels remain stable. You've probably heard about guava tea, tea has been sold as a cure for diabetes. This tea lowers glucose levels play an active role in the blood. The activity of the enzyme alpha-glukosidease was reduced by drinking the tea leaves of the guava.
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Curing ulcers

The disease is also known as excess gastric acid. This could be due to less healthy lifestyles and because food intake does not match the body. But you do not worry, because with the herbal potion of guava leaves can overcome these problems. How to make a nice set up 1 sheets of guava pocket (shoots) and boiled with 5 cups of water to boil. Drink water the stew at least 3 x a day to get the result.

Affects cardiovascular disease

Guava Leaf tea can also be effective for the health of the heart and circulatory system, according to a research lab and some small clinical researches. The compounds in the guava leaves can help reduce blood pressure and heart rate, according to a laboratory study published in 2005 in "Methods and results in experimental and clinical General". The study revealed that the animals had eaten the extract from the guava leaf, reduced blood pressure and heart rate.

Helping to treat dengue fever

Dengue fever is a disease caused by a virus that absorbs mosquito bites. The disease caused by protozoa, Plasmodium parasite in the type propagation by Anopheles mosquitoes. This disease is a serious disease, there have been many cases died of this disease. The cost of treating this disease is not cheap, before it happens, it is good that you do the prevention. The content of the substances contained in the guava leaves is expected to prevent and treat dengue fever. You can create water decoction potions of guava leaf 5 that have been washed clean, boiled with 2 cups of water, bring to a boil until the water has left a glass, strain and cold then drink hot weather twice a day. Or you can also make the guava juice of the leaves so that the taste of consumption is higher.

Relieving the symptoms of the thrush

Thrush and also the heat can happen anytime and anywhere. Although it is so easy to get medications around the environment, but not all of them give effect as expected. So, so you have to try different natural herbs so rightly can cure the symptoms caused. Thrush problems not far from whose name chapped lips, sore throat, and constipation due to the saddle hardened. But, the problem could be overcome by the thrush to boil the leaves of guava that still bark with the young guava. When it is boiling, let it heat up and can be used as a mouthwash or drink.

To heal the wounds of the skin

The skins are injured due to scratches or tear due to an accident and cause a beret on the skin. The first step is to clean the wound by using hot water. If it does not withstand heat, you can use a cloth soaked in water and then used to clean the wound. The guava leaves contain antioxidants and anti-cancer compounds that are potent anti-inflammatory and pain. The guava leaves are very effective in treating wounds. The trick is to chew the leaves and shoots of 3 pieces of guava purée, then stick on the skin that hurts. The wound will be dried quickly and the pain decreases.

Cure Haemorrhoids or ambeien

This problem often occurs on a less noticed among people's health. Such a model of eating less fiber, less movement work, too seated and there may be other factors that also became the trigger of the incidence of haemorrhoid disease. Well, to solve this problem, you just have to mash the leaves of guava (young shoots) and banana mixed with rock. The second of these materials could also be used as juice then drink on a regular basis until you recover ambeien.

Preventing prostate cancer

This type of cancer have this monkey becomes a problem for some men being less healthy models of his life. This cancer causes obstruction due to the swelling of the urinary tract. Cancer is usually treated with in the way in the operation. The operating costs are not cheap, but there are other alternatives for treating prostate cancer, namely by consuming the juice from the leaves of the guava or drinking the decoction of the leaves of the guava.

Start the digestive system

Digestive problems rather than constipation only, but too frequent bowel movements are also a digestive problem. All these problems are caused by bacteria or toxins in the body that goes through the food. The content of the essential oil possessed believed capable of killing the guava leaves toxins in the body especially in the colon and digestive tract. The active compound is able to improve the digestive system and maintain health. The trick is to drink the juice from the leaves of guava or guava tea.
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Preventing obesity

Obesity or excessive overweight is indeed a problem for some people who experience it. Guava leaves are also able to prevent obesity is, as well as the benefits of guava fruits. The substances contained in the leaves of the guava were able to inhibit the complex starch in sugar changes. Where sugar is metabolized by the liver and then transformed into body fat. Consuming raw guava leaves able to hinder the process, it makes the leaves of guava actually accompany the menu of your diet.

That's the benefit of guava leaves for health, may be useful.


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