11 Benefits Of Cassava, You Need To Know

11 Benefits Of Cassava, You Need To Know

Cassava is a food that can be processed into many different types of food. Actually cassava crop comes from Brazil and Paraguay, but has now spread across the world. Cassava is considered as traditional food the less sought after by many people, but with the advancement of era cassava capable to be changed to food that has a very delicious taste so favored by many people in the world.

If you eat cassava, not just get a taste of the delicious but you will also benefit health. This is due to the composition of the nutrient content of cassava is complete enough. Nutrient contained in cassava include vitamin C, folate, fiber, magnesium, copper, saponins and many others.

Benefits Of Cassava For Health

Cassava in energy sources

The first is the benefits of cassava as a source of energy. A pretty good bladder carbohydrate is as a source of energy. In addition, if the body has a very heavy activity. The content of carbohydrates in it will be divided into glucose which will be a source of energy in the body.

Making healthy digestive organs

Cassava had a lot of insoluble fibre content, or fibre that did not dissolve in water. This type of fiber benefits to streamline the defecation process, and absorb and expel toxins into the intestine, so that digestion can awaken its health is fine. The body can avoid digestive problems such as constipation (chapter), hemorrhoids, flatulence and constipation.

Preventing heart disease

Cassava contains fibers that can reduce cholesterol causes heart disease and maintain healthy blood circulation.

Reduce the risk of anemia

The iron contained in the body could help in the formation of important proteins such as hemoglobin and myoglobin. For those of you who are suffering from anemia, you can eat fruits and leaves of cassava to stabilize the blood pressure.

Helps stimulate the immune system

The fibers on cassava leaves and could push the growing prebiotic or good bacteria in the intestine, because good bacteria can improve immunity through limiting the number of pathogenic micro-organisms in the body.

Reducing the risk of cancer

Cassava also has excellent antioxidant content to fend off the free radicals enter the body. As we know, if free radicals can cause cancer. Although known antioxidants able to help the body protect the cells from damage caused by free radicals and can repair damaged DNA.
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Cassava as a source of vitamin K

Vitamins play a role in the construction of bone mass by means of osteotrophic triggering activities in the bone. In addition, vitamin K can also help to limit damage to the nerves in the brain so that it is useful in treating people with Alzheimer's.
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Cassava as a source of fiber

As we know, consuming fibrous foods is very beneficial for body health like lowering blood pressure, keeping cholesterol levels and helping to facilitate digestion. A high fiber and low in fat, this indicates whether the cassava is consumed safely and does not have to worry about obesity.

Cassava as a source of vitamin B complex

Cassava also contains vitamin B complex and several groups of vitamins such as riboflavin, thiamine, pyridoxine, folate (Vit B6) and patotenat acid. Riboflavin themselves beneficial in the growth process as well as assist the process of producing red blood cells in order to avoid anemia. In addition to these vitamins, cassava also contains vitamin B17 or called functioning Amygdalin helps to destroy carcinogenic enzymes. The Apricot seeds of vitamin B17 contained inside were originally applied by Australia and American citizens as a means of treating cancer without chemotherapy, and it turns out that there is vitamin B17 on cassava.
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Protects the body from free radicals

There is the antioxidant content of cassava leaves, as is the case in most types of vegetables. The content of the nutrient antioxidant counteracting free radicals due to the body is exposed to excessive exposure to the sunlight. Thus, the consumption of cassava leaves is beneficial to protect the health of the skin, such as the prevention of the body exposed to diseases of the skin cancer.

Helps maintain the health of bones and teeth

Cassava benefits a lot, even able to maintain healthy bones and teeth. This is because the calcium content that is contained therein is necessary to keep the bones and teeth solid. In addition, vitamin K is present on the leaves can also help in the construction of the arrangement of the bone and prevents the depletion of calcium.

That's 11 benefits of cassava for health. Though cassava has good impact to health, but you should still keep a sufficient portion for the consumption of cassava.


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