10 Healthy Benefits Of Pomegranates

10 Healthy Benefits Of Pomegranates

The pomegranate or another name is Punica granatum L. is a fruit that is widely found in tropical regions. The pomegranate fruit has the form of a beautiful and fascinating. The plant can live well if planted in the plain with an altitude 1000 above sea level. Pomegranate is a plant originating from the Middle East, but now the pomegranate already scattered in many countries, especially in countries with a tropical climate.

The pomegranate fruit is much planted in their home, other than as an ornamental plant, pomegranate fruit is also used as fruit consumption. Taste the pomegranate fruit is delicious enough to make many people liked this fruit. Not limited to just that, it turns out that pomegranate is also beneficial for health. This is certainly due to the nutrient content of the pomegranate is quite reliable as natural healthy fruit.

Some of the important nutrient you should know is the alkaloid pelletierene, granatin, betulic acid, ursolic acid, isoquercitrin, elligatanin, triterpenoid resins, calcium oxalate, and many others. The content of other nutrients of the pomegranate is vitamin A, vitamin C, minerals Malic acid, citric acid, glucose, fructose, maltose (calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sodium, and potassium). Vitamin A is needed by the eye and vitamin C is known as a powerful antioxidant to ward off disease. Pomegranate benefits for more information, you can read below.

To maintain the health of the Heart

Results of the research conducted in 2005 on 45 patients suffering from coronary artery disease shows that the pomegranate juice drinking every day for three months to make the blood flow to the heart more smoothly and has a greater risk of heart attack. The study also did not say what results for conditions such as heart attack, so the positive results reported could come down by chance.

To prevent cancer

Pomegranates contain fairly high levels of antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin C and iron is useful for fighting free radicals. Therefore, eating pomegranates this can prevent cell damage that can lead to cancer, especially breast cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer.

To treat canker sores naturally

Take two fresh pomegranate fruit is ripe; grab the content and content and the pomegranate seeds, then beats until smooth consistency. Add a cup of water and mix evenly and then filter it. Use water of pomegranate and then thrash. Make 2-3 times a day, until completely recovered.

Carotid artery stenosis

A study conducted in 2004 on the carotid artery of patients with stenosis (narrowing of the arteries) revealed that a glass of pomegranate juice daily (50 ml) for three years and reduce the damage caused by cholesterol in the arteries, and also Reduce cholesterol. However, these effects are not clearly understood for conditions such as stroke.

Helps maintain healthy skin

Vitamin C is also useful for helping to produce collagen for healthy skin. Pomegranate oil derives from pomegranate seeds, which can be applied to the body. Antioxidant in pomegranates is to protect the skin from pollution, as well as prevent premature aging and skin cancer. Pomegranate also helps skin to re-generation of cell processes, removes dead cells and dull skin, so it will make the skin become healthier and more.
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Treat dry throat

Take a fresh pomegranate, so two slices, and grab the contents of the pomegranate fruit. Chew and out the seeds. Do 2--3 times a day.

Preventing prostate cancer

Result of a study 2006 found that the consumption of a pomegranate juice of 227 ml daily significantly will prevent the growth of prostate cancer in men with recurrent prostate cancer. However, further research is needed to find the evidence to support these findings.

Weight control

This is because the benefits of pomegranate antioxidants, so drunk every day will help you to control your weight. You can write the pomegranate in your daily diet menu list.
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Healthy arteries

The plaque formed in the arteries can be reduced by eating pomegranate fruits every day. A healthy artery will ensure the health of the heart, as well as avoid high blood, and stroke.

Prevention of Alzheimer's disease

If the pomegranate fruit is consume every day, will help to prevent Alzheimer's disease. And if eaten by people who have been affected by this disease, then it will hinder its growing. It will also improve brain function in people with Alzheimer's disease, and will help to perform daily activities properly.
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That's the benefit of pomegranate, hopefully with information about the benefits of pomegranates can help you with interesting additional information such that.


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