This Factor That Caused A Pregnant Woman Difficult

This Factor That Caused A Pregnant Woman Difficult

Maybe your marriage is already more than a year, but you have not had children yet. most of them asked and find solutions so that quick's wife is pregnant. It is also often a question on health conditions. If you've been married for a year and have yet to get going, you should consult a doctor. This is very important because good health conditions for knowing the wife or husband.

Among the causes of women pregnant may be difficult under this factor is the reason.

Abnormalities of the cervical mucus

Cervical or uterine mouth usually leads to lower back pain, so that directly treat the back wall of the vagina. Well, the cervical canal coated dent like glands that secrete mucus. Most of the epithelial cells have the cervical mucus Cilia (spring vibrate) that drain into the vagina.

Such forms can guarantee delivery of sperm cells in the cervical canal (cervical tube that connects between the vagina and the uterus cavity) is constantly in a long time. Well, infertility associated with cervical factors caused blockage on the cervical canal. Also the presence of abnormal mucus. "Sometimes the mucus so it is thick, so that the spe*rm of the penetration (inflow). So it is difficult for the occurrence of conception. "

In addition, this can be caused by cervical position are not unusual. It could also be due to a combination of these three things. Anatomic abnormality was very helpful in this, namely the presence of cervical polyps, inflammation, atresia (congenital abnormalities) and others.

Problem in the Vagina

Generally occur as a result of the blockage or inflammation of the vagina, so if the supply of sperm.

There are two types of blockages that occur frequently.

The first psychogenic of the obstruction, or also known as dyspareunia. Anatomic blockage because then the standard or the acquisition.

Vaginitis or inflammation of the vagina is a cause of many. For example, as a result of the Candida albi opportunity or Trichomoniasis, that is, a type of bacteria that live in the vagina. These germs can impede motion of the sperm cells.

Hormonal abnormalities (endocrine)

Infertility in women can also occur due to the hormonal imbalance or hormonal imbalance. For example, is indeed experienced menstruation, ovulation each month just not going to happen. When the cause is unknown, because the hormonal, then performed hormonal balance by means of therapeutic drugs.

Deviations from the Tuba

The factors tuba abnormalities usually found in the problems of infertility. Tuba tuba tuba hidrosalping or abnormalities, such as whole or an expanded that thicker because of damage to the walls of the tuba as a result of infection or endometriosis.

Another tuba abnormalities, such as a small tuba also revealed the presence of former previous inflammation. Tuba of short possible a result of inflammation, bending on different places or fibrosis (formation of connective tissue) and the tuba bonding.

The existence of this adhesion may compromise the integrity of the tuba, the movement of the fimbriae (forms such as fringe that irregular and there on the other side of the cervix is) disrupting ovary or remember. "Avoid bonding here then has never sort out the abdomen. Because the tissue too subtle. "

Abnormalities in the tuba can be corrected with surgery. This is done to recover and the ovaries and tubal anatomy. Of course, also possible with attention to the movement of the cilia and tubal, tubal secretion, the Rapture and the OVA is effective.

While the endometriosis on the tuba can be cured through treatment as by award of hormonal medications.

Abnormalities of the uterus

The existence of a distortion of the cavity wombs (uterus cavity) because sinekia (adhesions) or myomas, polyps; inflammation of the endometrium and uterine contraction conditions may disrupt the transport of sperm cells through the uterus. The hormones prostaglandins in semen also play an important role in the transport of the sperm cells in the uterus.

If the amount of prostaglandins in semen less may also have the problem of infertility is. "The bright, disorders-disorders found in the uterus can disrupt implantation, in terms of the growth intra (in the lap of the bladder), nutrition, as well as to give oxygen for fetuses.

Ovarian abnormalities

In a normal ovarian cycle, from follicular ova and seedlings ovalarsium happens. When there is a disturbance in ovarian tumors such as existence-tumor, cyst of endometriosis, then lead to the creation of anovulatory (no ovulation has occurred).

Of course with no outbreak of ovulation also a factor in infertility. "How pregnancy happen when there are no eggs cells? For example, because of a tumor in the ovary, then the action should the operation continues. When the problem lay in the endometrium, endometrial biopsy done through micro curettage. This is usually done on the 22nd day after menstruation.
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Disorders of peritoneum

Peritoneum is the membrane which limits the nature of the abdominal wall and pelvic cavity and cover a large part in the organs, especially in the abdomen. Well, the abnormality found in the peritoneum can this be caused by endometriosis or pelvic inflammation.

This layer can be issued some sort of liquid peritonal that can lead to infertility. But it rarely happens to infertility as a result of deviations from this body. Well, so when the woman still not pregnant-pregnant as well as and once the reason wanted, usually the doctor will inform you about the actual condition.

Now there are many ways to have a child. One of them could be with tube or gametes within fallopian tube baby. This can be done by looking at the possibility of reproductive tool condition.
When you are pregnant is difficult, may be factors such as above to be the cause. Before you are prejudiced, you should see a doctor immediately.


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