The Reason Why Obesity Affects Heart Disease

The Reason Why Obesity Affects Heart Disease

Have excess weight not only makes you look less attractive, but more dangerous is the potential effect on heart health. Obese people have a heap of weak high, well the high fat deposits can lead to heart disease.

The results showed that obesity can trigger increased cholesterol levels and high blood. The second case was that can increase the risk of heart. Overweight will also cause other diseases such as constriction of blood vessels.

A research study conducted by taking a sample of blood 1,172 people skinny and obese body, found white blood cells or T cells are pretty much on fat people.

When the research team measured the distribution of fat, they also found that people who accumulate fat throughout the middle body and levels of white blood cells are higher, than those who have fat in the thighs and low body.

White blood cells are critical to immune response because it protects the body from infection. However, it also causes inflammation of the cardiovascular disease.

For example, T cells cause the formation of lipid plaques in the arteries, which can cause the blood vessels to be narrowed so that it leads to a heart attack or stroke.

The level of white blood cells is also higher than found in mice feeding on a high-fat meal. The researchers concluded that a high fat meal causes obesity-as well as the cause of inflammation is serious.

Profesor Federica Marelli-Berg dari QMUL's William Harvey Research Institute says, from this research note direct contact between foods we eat, weight loss and harmful infections can cause heart disease.

The results of this research are expected to be able to help experts find drugs that focus on inflammatory particles.

Well, for those of you who have more weight or obese, you should be trying to lose weight to be more ideal. Routine doing physical activity and control of all the food that goes into your body is a great way to reduce obesity.

People who have the ideal weight more agile moves compared to obese people, in spite of doing exercise to burn fat in your body. Don't just rely on diet drugs, for the use of excessive medicines are also not good for the health of the body.
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So, keep your weight remains ideal, you are also concerned with the health of your heart.

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