The infant should be Consuming breast milk, Because these benefits

The infant should be Consuming breast milk, Because these benefits

Do you willingly if your baby given formula milk, but breast milk is the only drink is best for your little one. Breast milk is not only important for the baby but provide great benefits to nursing mothers like to prevent breast cancer. Nutritional composition of breast milk is unmatched by any formula milk, so do not let your child didn't get breast milk. This is the benefits of breast milk for you should know.

Effect on the cognitive capacity of the child

Several studies have proven that the benefits of breast milk allocation in infants. Breastfeeding for 6 months complete without any food or beverage besides breast milk baby milk and then continued until the child is two years old but accompanied by additional nutrition. A study involving as many as 1,300 participants from Boston children's Hospital states that children get breast milk has an IQ level and higher cognitive capacity compared to children who do not get breast milk.

In This study an IQ test is done when the child is 3 years and 7 years. In children of 3 years and given mother's milk found engine capabilities, drawing, as well as better visual ability. While on a 7 year old child, tests of verbal ability testing and non-verbal, and note that the verbal and non-verbal skills in children given breast milk are better.

Breast milk contains DHA are important for the development of a child's brain

Several studies have stated that breast milk has a very good impact in children's survival, related to nutritional status, health status, as well as the development and growth of the child. Breast milk can also support the development of the brain and the growth of the baby. The results of the analysis include a wide range of research, found that breast milk can boost cognitive function.

Benefits Of Breast Milk

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Breast milk and baby food for the complete package

Breast milk is the most perfect diet for a newborn baby because it is so easily digested by babies having a digestive system is still sensitive and contain nutrients that are very rich and tailored to the needs of the baby. Not only that, breast milk also considered protective for infants to not be exposed to a variety of infectious diseases vulnerable infants’ experience. Some studies say that breast milk the baby is exposed to lower the risk of infectious diseases due to bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses. Breast milk is the first exit, Colostrum, called has deposits of IgA immune substances IE not in infant formula.

This is one of them caused due to breast milk containing docosahexaenoic (DHA) and Arachidonic, which is a kind of polyunsaturated fatty acid, is not very good for the development of the brain of children.
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Any mother who has breast milk that has the amount of DHA and AA in breast milk produce, but each mother has a DHA and AA levels vary depending on the diet and with the food consumed by the mother. Some studies state that mother who often eat seafood high in DHA, such as salmon and tuna, have more DHA content in breast milk.

Thus the benefits of breast milk for infants who should know, one more, breast milk is very influential towards the physical and mental growth of infants.


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