Red Itchy Eyes, Causes And Treatment

Red Itchy Eyes, Causes And Treatment

Treatment of itching and red eyes naturally, - The eyes often experience an infection resulting from dirt and the dust also resulting in the eyes become red accompanied by itching. Bad habits rubbed eyes when the actual itch will worsen the state of the eye not only increasingly red, the eyes will also taste hot and juicy as well. For it when it is not intended eye irritation rubbed eyes in a long time.

Eye infections are caused by a lot of things and everything can be solved by doing a number of natural therapies. But to overcome the irritating and red eyes need to be known and known to a number of causes for the appearance of eye irritation occurs because if there are several layers of the eye will be infected. Following a number of causes for the onset of eye irritation and therefore the eyes have become itchy and red.

Causes Of Irritating And Red Eyes

Infected with a virus

This infection is usually associated with respiratory symptoms caused by the viral infection is tearing eyes, feels itchy, reddened, swollen and feels like Scotch on the part of the eye.

Infected with bacteria

Bacteria Staphylococcus and bacterial pneumoccocus are the main cause. The symptoms are the same as the eye is infected with the virus. In addition, it will feel intelligently accompanied by discharges of the thick yellow eye pus-like. Also, when the new awakening in the morning, the eye will be surrounded by the eyes of dirt so hard to open because of the sticky. The eye will feel the warmth and also the Scotch as there are objects that are in the eyes.

Due to allergies

Eye allergies will make the eyes itch and redden and watery. Sometimes it is swelling on the eyelid because it contains liquid.

There were sores on the eyes

If there are sores the eye infection can cause a dangerous reaction and if it is not immediately approached.

The causes of the irritating and red eyes above could be caused by a poor environmental impact or because of involuntary actions as we do that the eye has become infected. However there is no disease that there is no cure, there are many ways that can be made to overcome the irritating and red eyes as above. The easy way of the natural dike could make the eyes shiny again and not itch or red again. Materials used also a material that is very often encountered in everyday life today.

Like anticipation and first aid, use natural ingredients to overcome irritating and red eyes before checking the doctor for more action if the irritating eyes and red do not change significantly. The following natural ways that can be made to overcome red and irritating eyes.

Treating Red Eyes And Itching Naturally

Water decoction of betel leaf

The sheet has long been approved to deal with eye irritation like itching and red. The trick is to take a number of sheets from the sheet and then boil with water until boiling. Leave the stew in cold water after soaking the face on the water decoction of the leaf from the head of the sea with eyes open so that the irritation of the eye get lost and recover. It's a pretty effective way to overcome red and irritating eyes.

Sliced cucumber

The eastern coastline of cold slices can also be used to overcome red and irritating eyes. The trick is to slice the cucumbers finely and transversely and put on the eyes and allow it to dry and replace after cucumber slices had already dried. Slice cucumbers very effective to overcome the itching of the eyes because the cucumber is supposed to contain anti-a refreshing irritant.
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Pure milk

Pure milk can also be used to overcome red and irritating eyes which is to pour a few drops of pure milk on a cotton swab and put cotton wool over the eyes and leave some time. Do the routine until the eye irritation is gone and recover.

Rose Water

In addition to pure milk, eye irritation can also be overcome by the use of rose water and quite practical because you can do it yourself at home. The trick is to clean the eyes with rose water at least three times a day until the irritation and itching have not felt any more. Rosewater will also give you a feeling of freshness on your eyes.
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Sliced potatoes

As with sliced cucumber, sliced raw potatoes can also be used to overcome red and irritating eyes. The trick is to finely slice the potatoes are fresh and fresh, then place it over the eyes. The potatoes will make the eyes relax and cool so that the itching too slowly disappeared.

So how to solve a red and irritating eyes with natural ingredients are cheap and easily obtained. Always keeping the moisture and cleanliness of the eyes can also avoid the eyes of various infections and irritations. Therefore, always clean your eyes will be safe for health, if necessary, use eye drops that can be brought everywhere and can be used at any time as first aid when there is mild irritation.


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