Red Eye Causes, Bloodshot Eyes Dangerous Or Not

Red Eye Causes, Bloodshot Eyes Dangerous Or Not

Red eye disorders often make us less comfortable and always wanted to touch. Many people were wondering even scared if their eyes are red. Red eyes can be caused by many factors. But knowing the cause of red eye is very important, as this can be caused by a chronic illness. During this red eyes can be caused by diseases and because it's trivial. You are trying to identify the cause of red eye.
Caused by dust

In the open air, not to mention the streets, whether on foot or on horseback, the dust that is on the street will certainly be very disturbing. Often the eyes will be the entrance of the dust around where it runs or jump.

Not only is red, sometimes the eyes have become painful because the dust has been felt. When the dust has entered my eyes, you will automatically tend to want to touch it, because it seems that there is a Scotch both creating itching. This then makes the eyes of the left, right or both red and requires drops of drugs.
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 Caused by allergies

Causes of itching of red eyes and other allergies and it probably could have occurred on the left only, right only, or precisely two. Allergic reactions are always causing symptoms that are unexpected, including red-eye, itching and sometimes can even inflate. For this reason is if you feel you have allergies, can stay away from all forms of allergens that could potentially cause allergy symptoms.

Drug use is not correct

Every time you want to wear eye medications, make sure the eye medication has not expired. Not only the expiration date, but make sure the eye medication has just opened. This is because the medicine is already open long enough and even less that has expired is able to trigger the eyes become red.

If it is not prudent and the use of drugs for the eyes incorrectly like that, not only the eye will Flush, but also swell. Please check the first eye medication you want to use, always safe or not should be checked in order to prevent things that are not expected. It would be even more dangerous if you continue to use the medicine that had already expired.

Often touches the eyes

There are people who usually rubbed his eyes but not so irritating or not problematic. To this end, it is included in bad habits that harm health, especially the health of your eyes. When it is often rubbed and the hygiene of the hands is not guaranteed, the eye will be rinsed and irritated by the skin with ease.
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Caused by contact lenses
The use of contact lenses is indeed the trend, but also not a few users who experience eye irritation and eye redness. When used too much or not used as it should, then contact lenses indeed threaten the health of the eyes. So make sure you know very well how to use it properly so that it can't make the eyes become irritated.

Due to eyelid surgery

Apparently, eyelid surgery can also cause an eye rash to be felt. In fact, there are also cases where red eyes accompanied by hemorrhagic wounds resulting from Operation Subkonjungtival that has ever lived. This can happen for those who have travelled a path operation to enlarge the eye.

The blood vessels in the eye may experience an inflammatory response to widening the wound to the wound. These cuts should not underestimate and immediately meet a doctor who never treats eyelid surgery. Immediately get medical manipulation and do not try to manipulate it themselves so as not to aggravate the error state of the eyes.

Caused by the dry eye

The Dry eye syndrome is also often the cause of the red eye next door, whether left, right or both sides. It is a sign that your eyes the middle of malnutrition and a shortage of quality as well as the amount of tears. Attention due to the chronic dry eye can cause inflammation of the eyes and irritated skin.

Although not able to heal by itself, you can try to solve it by using the drops of the right eye. Certainly, it would be much better if you have a consultation with an expert ophthalmologist. Eye drops for dry eyes are not a good idea.
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Caused by the flu

The flu or cold will usually make the left eye and also the right rinsed and watering easy. Not only have that, even sometimes the swelling experienced of the eye where it has become a part of the symptoms of the cold. If so, then you only need to take and take cure for the flu only.

The lashes affected

Eye Flush and right next door, either left or right, it could be is the result of the presence of eyelashes that fell into the eye. This will automatically trigger the eyes become red and painful. In general, people who feel that their eyelash entry eyes will have the help of people around him to blow so that the lashes and then be ejected.

Stripes on the cornea

There is times when the parts of the cornea injured and exposed to stripes so that finally the eye or both in the red. The blisters of the cornea should not be ignored because we never know how serious the consequences or the effect of these wounds are. Soon check indeed very annoying and never recovered.

Lack of sleep

Tired eyes due to lack of sleep and because of the constant hassle is in front of the computer is likely about the same, i.e. giving the red eye effect. Red eyes, not only when you are deprived of sleep, then would arise also dark circles around the eyes that are called panda.
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Tired eyes

Chances are your eyes that could be rinsed is due to sparse rest and keep in front of the gadget or watch TV. Watching the TV screen and the computer, either for work or the game will only cause computer Vision Syndrome. It is also one of the triggers of drying the surface of your eyes.

When it was in front of a computer, the auto eye will rarely blink so that the eyes will be easily rinsed due to drying at the same time tired. Take a moment to rest the eyes of your work. Or, try wearing a special glass to use it in front of a computer screen so that your eyes are always protected. Prepare the drops for the eyes always moist and also free of redness.


In many cases glaucoma will cause symptoms such as red eyes at the beginning where it could occur in the eyes of the left or right. On the conditions of glaucoma, the eye will be accompanied by nausea and conditions little by little lose sight. This is why people with glaucoma symptoms require medical manipulation as soon as possible, as the symptoms have arisen.


Not many know that smoking can cause the name of the redness in the eyes. Dangers of smoking for health not only of the effect on the lungs and heart, but can also harm the eye. Smoking tobacco is a dangerous irritant to the eyes because it can cause dryness, redness and itching.

When it was the black circle took place as well, then it's a sign that you have to rest your eyes and have a good model of sleep. Sleep in sufficient time, or 8-10 hours a day. Avoid the drowsy rubbed eyes, because these habits will only exacerbate the redness in your eyes.

Chemicals in the eye drops medications

On eye drops, there is content that is named with a vasoconstrictor, namely the chemicals able to shrink the blood vessels on the surface of the eye actually aims to make the redness reduced. Unfortunately, it is precisely this type of eye drops for bleach with the contents and even harms the health of the eye, especially if it is used in a long period of time.


This condition is also called inflammation of the middle eye layer or uvea. Eye redness is one of the symptoms of uveitis is accompanied by increased sensitivity to light. In addition to the eyes flushed beside or on both, uveitis is also a cause of blurred vision. When the answers are late, there are bad consequences that occur on your retina.

So, red eyes can be caused by many factors ranging from dust-exposed to the use of chemicals. The eye is an organ that is very important, so keep eye health at any time. When it happens it serious in your eyes, then the best way is to see a doctor.


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