Red Dot In Eye, Causes And Remedy

Red Dot In Eye, Causes And Remedy

Do you have any red spots in your eyes? Well, here you will get to know the symptoms, causes and how to treat the red dot in the eye, like frozen blood to coagulate. The red dot in eye troubles like this one happens very often and can happen to anyone. The existence of this point of blood in the language of medicine called Sub conjunctive hemorrhage. Conjunctive of the human eye, there are many fine blood vessels called capillaries that serve as nutrient and oxygen donor to the cells of the conjunctiva of the eye. The conjunctiva is the parts on the eyeballs are white while the subtle red streaks those capillary-capillaries of blood vessels.

The red dot on the eye comes from the broken capillaries in the eye. As a result, the blood will ooze as much of the conjunctiva. The result will look like the eyes have red dots. It is sometimes accompanied by pain, but a lot of it without any pain.

The Cause Of The Red Dot On The Eyes

There is some possibility that the cause of the rupture of the blood vessels in the eye. Some causes include:

Rubbed eyes

Too often touches the irritated conjunctiva eye has resulted, but there are times when the blood vessels join the affected blood vessel as a result of this little tear and bleeding.

Blood disorder disease

Abnormalities in blood composition have resulted in a significant decrease in blood concentrations resulting in changes in the hydrostatic pressure of blood vessels so that blood oozes from blood vessels.


Elevating blood pressure or hypertension can result in increased eye capillary care, the capillary elevation is not able to withstand this pressure until it has finally ruptured.


The old punch or the entry of foreign matter can also cause the tear of the blood vessels so that the conjunctiva is the hardness, torn and bleeding.

Coughing, vomiting and sneezing

coughing, vomiting and sneezing permanently could lead to an increase in local vascular pressure especially in the neck area and head so that the result in the eye of the stirrup be crushed and eventually leading to the display of the color of the red dot on the eyes.
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How To Treat The Red Dot On The Eyes

Certainly the eyes do look less beautiful when you highlight your eyes and the color of the ball our eyes are not clear. This can be caused by a variety of factors that have been mentioned above, other factors that are eyes are too tired to read or work for a long time in front of the computer. In addition, foreign objects that are affected can hurt the eyes, dirty because of sleep, irritation, or even because of lack of sleep can also cause the eyeball to not be clear.

For those of you who have problems like this, of course you want to have eyes that are clear and healthy. To get beautiful eyes, you don't need to use eye drops medications are expensive and made from harmful chemicals.

Carrot consumption

Undoubtedly the carrot is one of the vegetables that are the most beneficial for eye health. Consuming carrots on a regular basis will make the eyes become clear. Rabbits are known to have clear eyes because of fond of eating carrots. This is not bad because the carrots contain a lot of vitamin A that is urgently needed.

No matter how easy, you can simply enter the carrots into your daily food menu or turn it into juice. Prepare two big carrots. Grate and add with half a glass of mineral water. Stump and drink carrot juice. If they are taken regularly, your eyes will be clearer and healthier.

Jasmine Flowers Extract

Our ancestors had a lot of potions to keep your eyes are always clean. One of the herbal ingredients is often used to lighten jasmine flowers. In China, this plant blooms known as Mo Li Hua. The plant can grow Jasmine flowers with a height up to 3 m in traditional medicine, not only the flowers that can be used but also the roots and leaves.

To clean the eyes with jasmine flowers, prepare a handful of fresh jasmine flowers. Soak it in a glass of cold water that is already ripe. Let it rest overnight and then stretch the water. Use the water filter last jasmine flowers to soak the eyes. Make these ends twice a day i.e. morning and evening each day until the eyes look clear and shiny.

Miana Leaf

The leaves of Miana or also commonly referred to as the leaves of Jawer Kotok, the sheets of the ATI-ATI. This apparently helps to lighten the red eye dot. How, prepare five leaves Miana red blackish. Clean and wash the leaves with a glass of boiled water. Wait until boiling and half. You can drink the water decoction of the miana leaves. Other means that can be used are compresses an unused eye with Miana leaves. How to prepare a sheet of leaves Miana. Clean the wash and tighten with your hands. Stick the juice of the leaves in the red eye.
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Betel leaves

The betel leaf contains essential oils, which consist of the kadinen, the Kavikol, the Cineol, the Karvakol. The essential oil of the leaves of Seskuiterpen, diastase, starch, sugar, Samak and Kavikol which have deadly germs, Antioxidant, fungicide, and anti-fungal. Anti-fungal Substances containing leaves of the leaves of the set contain an antiseptic on all parts.

How to make it:
  • First you wash/wipe your face
  • Then wash the two pieces of the sheet of the upper blade using clean water
  • After that paste the sheet of the last time on both your eyes using plaster.
  • Do the way above your every sleep regularly, and leave the stick in the eyes, leaves you alone. And you can unplug the sheet from the other day.
That's the red dot in the eyes and how to treat it naturally, may be useful.

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