Recognize Stress in children Sign

Recognize Stress in children Sign

Stress can be experienced by anyone including children, changes that can be seen when the child begins to stress is from their behavior. Mother and father have to understand each child's condition changes.

Also, don't think that if the stress will only be experienced by infants that both of her parents work. The mother of the baby Anders apartment with his everyday just stress can be experienced.

Babies who left his parents can experience stress due to the loss of a sense of safety. Meanwhile, the babies are always apartment with its excessive protection and therefore easily susceptible to stress because of the changes.

Because he at home felt it very safe, then being in a new environment, which it is easier to underline, he explained. Babies like this will grow into a worrier, lack of socialization of the child, lack of confidence, etc.

However, given the age aspect, the condition is still very likely confirmed. With trained faced different situations, so it is not easy to emphasize. It is not easy to recognize stress in infants, although it can still be done. It is said is not easy because babies are still communicating through crying.

It would just be a parent when taken into account reasonable the call of his children, in fact the baby was caused by stress. It gives recognizable instructions about parents, signs of stress in children.

Don't let stay alone

Note also, when the little one does not want to stay behind. That is, does not matter if his mother disappeared briefly, but now no longer. Her parents will always be there on his side.

Less cheerful

Consider how children react when invited to play. Babies who have stress, experienced when invited to play look more "cold" alias not cheerful as usual.

Getting Sick

A baby who is ill can only be experiencing stress. It happens because there that something felt uncomfortable by his body.

Restless when sleeping

The most recognizable sign is that his sleep seems restless. Besides fear, he would suddenly wake up and cried, but not because of the wet diaper or the time to drink the milk.

Weight down

Other signs to watch out for are that her weight has shrunk.

Easy to cry

Baby crying is indeed reasonable. But try to look at the frequency and intensity of crying. If he is not during sleep the usually cry unless nocturnal enuresis or thirsty, now every night so cranky. When it is felt there is not something that is "visible" for disrupting, this would be a sign of the little experience stress.
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More subdued

And also when you communicate to them, baby will look more subdued and not a response like the previous days.

The first step you need to do is provide treatment is medical with bringing it to the doctor.

When can the cranky parents hug her and soothe her. In addition, to the comfort of her parents can invite him to play according to the physical condition of the baby at the time. Of course, how to prevention it is by optimizing the condition of her body.

When a child is experiencing stress much needed is breast milk so that the child's condition better, children increased stamina and cheerful again.
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