Pink Eye Symptoms (Conjunctivitis)

Pink Eye Symptoms (Conjunctivitis)

When the eyes of the child blushed, the parents found it necessary for immediate alert, as it could be the child suffering from the symptoms of the pink eye or diseases that make the eyes blush. Remember the pink eye is contagious diseases, it is good that you know more about this eye disease.

Pink eye disease is usually caused by a virus. The most common cause of the pink eye is a virus. A virus that causes inflammation of the membranes of the eye or conjunctivitis is derived from a variety of different viruses, as like the flu virus to that cause respiratory infections and throat infections.
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It's quite alarming, viruses cause the pink eye can also spread easily. Fortunately, the pink eye is caused by viruses, it will healed by itself in a week or two without the need for special care. Even so, a hot water compress can relieve the symptoms of the pink eye suffered by the children due to the virus.

The pink eye caused by the bacteria can be a little more disturbing. Because this type of pink eye is usually accompanied by the discharge of liquid-like pus on the infected area. This liquid will be released at least two or three days and the longest about two or three weeks. The pink eye caused by bacteria can be cured or cured more quickly by the help of a doctor's remedy.

In addition, to the viral and bacterial are pink eye, sometimes also caused by allergies. Eye inflammation due to allergies is usually often caused by the use of contact lenses that are too long. However, the pink eye caused by allergies this can be overcome by a drug allergy.

The symptoms of the pink eye are quite diverse. Some symptoms of the pink eye that needs to look out for the red eyes or white part of the eye and eyelid looks swell and discharge the liquid tears until the liquid in the form of mucus and pus that around the eyes. In addition, the pink eye usually also accompanied by symptoms of itching, sensitivity to light, blurred vision due to increased production of ocular fluids.

If the pink eye too often is going to be Sandy and uncomfortable. Waking up in the morning, people with pink eyes will also typically find a liquid that hardens on the petals and their eyelashes.

To avoid pink eye in children and also adults, someone, especially parents, need to be taught the hygiene like how to the right way to wash hands. In addition, parents also have to give learning so that the children do not touch and rubbed the eyes with their hands.
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If she finds that there is a friend who suffers from the pink eye, parents can ask the child to move away temporarily from the victim. Parents should also avoid that children use a variety of clothing and tissues that had already been used to wipe the eyes and face.

For adults, they should also ensure that pillow, bed, mattresses and pillowcases are replaced at regular intervals. The use of cosmetics should certainly not be used by others.


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