How To Prevent Cholesterol To Avoid Heart Attack And Stroke

How To Prevent Cholesterol To Avoid Heart Attack And Stroke

Now, stroke and heart attack not just attacking people in old age, but many young people are suffer a stroke and coronary artery disease. this contributor of chronic disease is due to the levels of LDL cholesterol (Low Density Lipoprotein). Lack of concern with health and unhealthy eating patterns became a major trigger increased cholesterol levels.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world, not just happening on adult person but many children easy already stricken with coronary heart disease. Conscious of health start early is highly recommended, so that will make people's health to detect early on. Checked cholesterol levels earlier is one of the efforts that must be made to prevent the possibility of bad will happen to your body.

The importance of no setting the cholesterol levels in the body every three to six months, as they are supplied by a specialist heart and blood vessels. Capturing the results of inspections and storing cholesterol values that we have that is very important.

The First is to detect early DLD cholesterol levels.

The Second is as a reference for planning and executing a pattern of healthy living with the balanced diet.

If the level of cholesterol in blood are in the in the normal limit, for example on numbers 180, but if its LDL at the value 160 then limits the risk of stroke or heart attack.

Therefore, records the cholesterol level of inspection results so that we can run a balanced diet pattern. Current unhealthy lifestyle is many be done by the younger generation, so no wonder if many young people have heart disease. The application of balanced diet to avoid stroke and cardiovascular disease are also highly recommended. This certainly reminds you that satisfy your intake of fibers from fruits and vegetables is very important.
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Cholesterol produced and required by our body. The difference is cholesterol levels. To prevent elevated levels of LDL cholesterol, then it should be noted in food consumption, especially healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Cholesterol is generally part of body fat that is formed as candle formed in the liver and some other cells in the body. This substance is also found in some foods such as milk, oil, meat, eggs and other animal foods.
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But in the body cholesterol is only required in certain levels. It's not just the risk of heart attack and stroke but the disease the risk of other diseases also increased. If the level of cholesterol is redundant it will lead to other diseases, such as heart disease. So consume nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables and physical activity regularly can lower cholesterol levels.


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