How To Lighten Your Lips Naturally

How To Lighten Your Lips Naturally

Having pink lips and lighten is the dream of every woman, because the lip is very influential on the beauty of the face. Black lips dry and make a beautiful face you have less than perfect. But factor in the black lips are the most difficult to treat is a descendant. And the black lips are usually owned by the person who skinned ripe sapodilla fruit or black skin.

In addition to genetic, Black Lips can also be caused by smoking habit, exposure to sunlight, caffeine, allergies and hormonal disorders. Well, for those of you who want the lighten lips try to avoid some of that. You don't have to worry there is still a way to lighten up the lips with natural and safe way. How to lighten up the lips, here are tips for caring for lips to make it more lighten and beautiful.

1. Eat fruit bits
The red color on a bit is too pale to make effective of course red lips. If regularly used, dark lips turn reddish.

2. Scrub with sugar
Sugar can work as a very effective exfoliant lighten dark lips. Sugar was also able to get rid of dead skin on the lips. Make a thick paste by mixing three tablespoons icing sugar with two scoops of butter. Use this mixture as a scrub your lips. Try these tips from natural beauty is two to three times a week at my lips pink naturally.

3. Use olive oil
Olive oil contains several important minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Rub olive oil into your lips before bed will soften your lips and the natural color of your lips.

4. Use lemon
Lemon is known for its natural bleaching properties. This fruit is so an effective natural remedy to lighten up the dark lips. Lemon juice is also good for peeling off the skin of the lips. Squeeze of lemon and a massage on the area of your lips. Home remedies that you can apply this every night before bed.

5. Turmeric
Make a paste of turmeric by mixing milk with turmeric powder. After those lips moisten with water and scrub and scrub with a soft lip using a toothbrush. Than a little turmeric paste of apply to all parts of the lips and let no more than two to three minutes.

6. Use strawberry
You can also add a scoop of Strawberry, who has been pounded with two spoons of petroleum jelly to create a natural lips pink, mixing. Try this as a lip balm every day at the pink lips.
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7. Use honey
Honey is a natural remedy to treat the dark lips. Honey from the application on the whole of your lips every night, late at night. Honey is not only but also make lips pink naturally soften.

8. Use lemon and sugar

Mix in a small bowl, a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and coconut oil. Add two teaspoons of granulated sugar. Once well mixed, apply a little scrub on your lips, and rub it into her lips with a circular motion.

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That's the natural way to make your lips lighten and naturally beautiful. Using natural ingredients in addition to the safe is also very nutritious to other parts of the body.


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