How To Improve Your Memory, Brain Functions

How To Improve Your Memory, Brain Functions

Instead of just thinking how to make the body healthy, but having brain that is capable work optimally should also think about. Having a strong memory will give more value on yourself. Memory-related brain, of course, depends on the health of the brain.

Not only as a memory, had the brain also set all the control gestures. Therefore, if the brain is experiencing the issue then it will impact on all parts of the body. This control center you should be kept and noted, not limited to that. you should be trying to improve memory.

The brain contains several parts and each part has a different function. Here the work and skills are shaped.

Good news, parts of the brain can be trained in simple ways as shown below.

The results is you will get a good abilities, not only cognitive capacity but also physical ability.

Mathematical intelligence makes sense

Brain location: The parietal lobes and front
How it works: Collect and consolidate information quickly. Scientists, engineers, statisticians are the ones that the parietal lobe and brain active and trained.
How to enhance it: exercise the counting outside the head (do not use calculator).
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Spatial skills

Location: located right hemisphere brain
How it works: Imagining the form in the brain, "manipulates" objects and shapes. Examples of professions by using brain hemispheres right is the pilot, the French architect and cartographer.
How to enhance it: playing chess, jigsaw puzzles, and origami.

Language of Intelligence

The location of the brain: the left hemisphere (the reverse on the lefties)
How it works: improving language skills up to the level of art such as the ability to create and appreciate poetry, the ability to write and speak in public.
How to enhance it: read a lot, do a play on words and vocabulary.

Personal skills

Location: front lobe of the brain
How it works: Read characters, emotions and desires of others. Many profession that demands the use of front lobes are salespeople, teachers, managers, motivator.
How to enhance it: active talk in front of others, then the evaluation of their reaction against the words, body language and your voice. To foster courage, you can practice first in front of the mirror.

Musical Intelligence

Location: right hemisphere brain (reverse on those left-handed)
How it works: Recognize and recall tempo, melody and rhythm. Composers and musicians are the people that a lot of work with the right hemisphere of the brain.
How to enhance it: listening to various kinds of music including a sound familiar to you.
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Physical skills

Brain location: motor cortex
How it works: Coordinate between what is represented in the brain into motion. Example of a profession that demands physical skills above average is athletes and dancers.
How to enhance it: Exercise individually or join a sports team.
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That's the how we know about the brain and how to improve memory and brain performance. You take these tips to put into practice every day, so that the brain functions you can work optimally.


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