How To Gain Weight Fast

How To Gain Weight Fast

Having body fat of course, so the problem for appearance. But has a body that is too thin can be much scarier. Therefore, many people prefer plump or have the ideal weight of a body than having too thin. To achieve the ideal body, you are encouraged to consume weight loss supplements Enhancer.

There are a lot of  weight gain supplements sold on the market. But the question, there is no guaranteeing that if the supplements are safe and effective to increase the weight. In addition to supplements, you can also try other ways, i.e. with conventional efforts safer and easier. Not limited to just that, in addition to being easy and safe, it is also much more effective than taking weight loss supplements Enhancer.

Here are some easy tips to improve your weight if done correctly and completely so the results can be quickly felt.

Increase the intensity and feeding in portions

If you usually eat 2-3 times a day, to increase the weight, you must eat at least 4-5 times a day. This way you will get the carbohydrate nutrients and more. So your weight will quickly increase the numbers you expect.

Select the type of food that is rich nutrient

Eating junk foods and instant food in order to increase the weight is not a good way. Because even if you are thin, there is a condition called lean Fat. This is a situation where someone seems skinny, but in fact the fat levels in the body are higher than normal. The level of fat in the blood such as total cholesterol and LDL is also likely to be high. So choose to consume nutrient-rich foods can help increase your body weight while keeping your health. For example, select the type of carbohydrate that comes from whole grain, vegetables and fruit, milk and gasoline products, meat, as well as seeds and nuts.

Try to eat smoothies

Whether the consumption of soda, coffee, or other beverages that are high in calories, but low in substance its nutritional value, quality, you can try to consume milkshakes or smoothies. You can use milk or fruit juices that are frozen as basic ingredients to your smoothie. Pieces sprinkled with almonds or flax can also be an option to add calories especially protein.

Increase plain water consumption

In addition to increasing the intensity and the portion of the meals, you must also reproduce the consumption of plain water. What for? Because, water is to keep your mineral intake for the body, consuming a lot of water will also protect you from dehydration. Therefore, you are recommended to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day keeping the mineral intake in the body.

Select the type of foods that are high in calories

Foods like walnuts, still in the form of walnuts as well as jams, as well as dried fruit are a type of food on nutrients. This means that you don't need to consume too many calories to get as much. In addition, fruits like mangoes and avocados can also be your choice because it includes high calories.

Increase carbohydrate consumption

How to gain weight this way is highly recommended to those of you who have a weight below the ideal. The carbohydrate consumption that more will make your body gets a lot of calories. As a result, the body that you got a lot a calorie intake had a significant impact on the increase in body weight. Any source of carbohydrates are many, ranging from rice, potatoes, cassava, sweet potato, wheat flour, until you can do it as a source of carbohydrates.

You can enlarge having snacks

Certainly good snacks that having nutritional value. Just like fruit, sandwiches, bread, milk, beans and cheese. Avoid snacks that are high in calories and fat, but a lower quality substance its nutritional value such as chips, candies, chocolate, and more. You can eat my meals and snacks before bedtime. Desserts you can also add in your daily menu. Please choose the type of desserts such as yogurt or oatmeal cookies.
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Sufficient fat intake

Not much different from how the number 3, how to take weight naturally, you can also apply to put on weight quickly. This is because only with enough fat and other nutrient needs, your weight will be increased in a few weeks.

No need to bother buying supplements to add fat. The source of the fat itself already exists in most of the foods you eat in every day, such as vegetable oil, fish, coconut, corn and others.
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Increase eating snacks and milk

Not only effective, tips for adding weight is also highly recommended to those of you who have had body weight below average. By having beverages and milk, your weight will increase significantly after 3-4 weeks of application.

Regular exercise

Especially for the type of sport you increase the muscle mass. Increasing muscle mass is one of the ways to lift a healthy weight. In addition, regular exercise can also improve your appetite.


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