How To Cure Severe, Chronic Chapped Lips Naturally And Easily

How To Cure Severe, Chronic Chapped Lips Naturally And Easily

Lip problems that frequently occur in people is chapped lips and dry. This is usually caused by a lack of nutritional intake and the weather. Dry lips chapped and make you uncomfortable, even affect your appearance, especially if your lip sores will then cause pains when eating. Chapped lips and dry can also be caused by a serious disease, but if it causes dry lips and chapped due to weather or dangerous disease can be done other than treatment at home. To overcome the chapped lips naturally and easier you can do at home.

Severe Chronic Chapped Lips At Home

# Drinking plain water. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day is an ideal step. When the body is dehydrated, mark the first look on the lips. Drinking water, then the more the better!

# The desire of the lips biting or licking. Two of these habits can be the lips dry and cause more infections or ulcers blistering cold. When the desire to prevent chapped lips, licking and biting my lip constantly.

# Do peeling on the lips. Before an ointment, remove dead skin cells through the peeling. Lips will make peeling the skin is crunchy and lips is recovered. Do not rub the lips too hard so that it may be worse as a result. The lips gently rub. You can exfoliate lips with the use of the same material to peel from the body. Try one of the following materials:
  1. Use the herb exfoliation of salt or sugar. DAB the potion on the lips and rubs with a circular motion, to remove dead skin cells. Your lips will feel soft and refreshed.
  2. Use a brush to peeling. Brush the easiest to use is a toothbrush! Make sure the toothbrush clean. A small toothbrush can also be used. Rub on lips with circular motion to get rid of dead skin cells.
  3. Do not use the special soap for exfoliation. Facial soap with special granules scrub and soap for exfoliation will make the lips grow dry.
# Dab the ointment. Be careful with the ointment is pretty sold or chapstick (a special moisturizer for chapped lips) that you used to overcome the chapped lips. A lot of chapstick and ointments that contain ingredients that will grow the lips dry, so you have to repeatedly.

  1. Find the hydrated lips or chap-stick in which Shea butter, beeswax, almond oil and a natural face cream, and no other ingredients added. Don't choose a moisturized lips with ingredients that are very much and not you mentioned.
  2. The ointment with vitamin E or glycerine base with natural ingredients also can help.
  3. If you avoid using damming lips, lipstick would. Lipstick can dry lips. You must put a moisturizer before applying lipstick.
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# Dab the oil. For the treatment of lips with extra moisture, rub some oil on the lipstick. The oil will reduce the pain and moisturize and prevent chapped lips. The following oils can help relieve the lips:
  1. Coconut oil
  2. Almond oil
  3. Jojoba oil
  4. Olive oil
# Relieve pains on the lips. If your lips are chapped very serious situation as painful as smiling, reda with home-based treatment to no longer painful sensation. Here's some suggestions to the pains:
  1. Cucumber slices on the lips rubbing for 10 minutes a day is also known as the effective way.
  2. Rub the Aloe Vera plant on the lips can relieve the pain.
  3. Rub a bit of honey on the lips would be dams and the lips tasted better.
# Avoid the use of skin care products. This includes cosmetics and moisturized lips with taste. These products can the lips become dry.

# Use of the toothpaste fluoride free. Some people experience allergic to fluoride which not only affect the lips but also cause irritation in the mouth. Change your toothpaste and see if there are any changes.

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# Use the humidifier (tools to increase the humidity indoors) at home or in the Office. Space in the House that the air is heated in the winter causes are dry. Try installing a humidifier. This tool is the air in the room dams so that the lips are also become moist.

If you are experiencing severe chapped lips try to treat in this manner above can be done at home. Good luck and rapidly recover.


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