High Caffeine Coffee And Impact

High Caffeine Coffee And Impact

For coffee lovers, The morning will feel incomplete if not available sipping the aroma of warm coffee. Indeed, coffee has benefits for health, but coffee is also gives negative effect.

Health expert explained, drinking coffee has benefits for body health, among other things, increasing stamina, stimulates the central nervous system, increases mood, and saves the body from dirty smoke, air pollution, as well as exposure.

However, if the coffee is consumed in excess it can certainly lead to many harmful side effects to health. This is because coffee contains caffeine that is not good for your organs if you consume a lot.

In addition, coffee also includes cafesol and kahweol. Both the contents of chemical may increase the levels of cholesterol in the blood.

One of the type that contain high chemicals is because without sorting in advance is the type of coffee espresso.

It would therefore be useful to know the risk or impact of consuming a lot of coffee. Here are some effects that occur if consuming a lot of coffee:


One of the reasons why people love drinking coffee is to stay awake and not easy to drowsiness. But because of this will make someone become difficult to sleep or insomnia that would be bad for health.

High blood pressure

According to the results of the study of Charalambos Vlachopoulos, MD, the caffeine is mentioned to be rapidly increasing hardness against the arteries in people with high blood pressure. Caffeine is actually very fast to raise blood pressure, even for people who have normal blood pressure.
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Digestive Disorders

Caffeine content in coffee is also effective for digestive health. People who usually drinks coffee will be more often complained of stomach pain. Moreover, if you drink coffee when your stomach is still empty.

Fertility decline

For women who have already made coffee a private drink, there are some things that should be known. Excessive consumption of caffeine can affect the reproductive organ of women, which would cause sickness to the partial organs of the woman's body. The presence of the disease will lead to infertility among women. So it would make women difficult to have offspring.

High cholesterol

By drinking a lot of coffee can increase the bad cholesterol. This is the result of the so-called terpeni oil that is commonly found in coffee. The results showed, consuming five cups of coffee everyday can rise in high blood cholesterol levels of 6-8%.

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Heart Disorders

The next side effects that raised if having a lot of coffee is a heart disorder. The first symptoms that usually arise are the heart will be pounding when drinking a lot of coffee. This is because caffeine can affect the central nervous arrangement on the brain.


Other side effect that may be caused by consuming more coffee is headaches. It can happen when a person consumes coffee more than two to three cups of coffee a day.

Type 2 diabetes

More coffee or caffeine consumption can lead to high blood glucose levels as well as insulin. In one cup of coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine that provides enough damage against blood sugar in the body. So that this potential occurrence of type 2 diabetes.

Premature death

If a person consumes more than four cups of coffee a day, then this can be a big risk against premature death. A study of the Mayo Clinic has found partnership results, the men usually drink more than four cups of coffee have increased 21% in all causes of death.

If you usually drink coffee two to three cups of coffee a day, from now it has to reduce it. It is worth considering the recommended dose for caffeine, this is 200-300 mg per day. If you want to stay healthy, avoid more caffeine intake. Because anything exaggeration that is not good for the body.

That excess drinking coffee you need to know for the coffee lovers, do not consume coffee exceed the safe dosage.


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