Health Problems Can Be Detected By Eyes Exams

Health Problems Can Be Detected By Eyes Exams

The eyes are the windows to look outside your body. Most of you are probably just thinking that relate only to vision problems and the only disease that can be detected from the eyes is just diabetes.

But recently warns you that the eye can be a hidden disease detection that you have actually suffered, not just diabetes.

The Iris ring

A white circle is visible in the ring is a sign of your high cholesterol level. In addition to the circle, there are other clues in the form of white fat deposits in the eyelid called xanthelasmas are associated with heart disease.

Yellow eyes

Liver diseases such as hepatitis and cirrhosis can change the white part of your eyes become yellow. This is due to the elevation of bilirubin, a chemical that breaks down the hemoglobin that carries oxygen into the red blood cells.

Different sizes of students

Healthy students would react in the same way to light. But if the reaction is not the same, check with.
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Pale in the eyelid

If the inside of the eyelid looks pale when pulled down, you may be exposed to anemia or a lack of iron. Anemia can be treated with iron Enhancer supplements.

Red eyes

Red eyes can be an indicator that you are exposed to high blood pressure. High blood pressure will make the blood vessels stiff, including existing blood vessels in the eye balls. As a result, the eyes look red.

Yellowish in the eyes

The yellow marks that appear on the eyes are greasy and are usually associated with the presence of complications of diabetes.

Eyelids down

Eyelids down can be a sign of a soft stroke. It can also be a sign of brain tumor or a disease known as myasthenia gravis.
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The eyes are the only organs to know the world, even yourself. Not only is it a health problem can also be detected from eye conditions, so consider your eyes any time in front of a mirror as a protection against disease and prevention.


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