Fat Loss Exercise, Effective And Easy To Do

Fat Loss Exercise, Effective And Easy To Do

After making the decision to lose weight, many women are confused to start a movement for proper physical exercise.

Origin of sports coaches in Australia, Emily Skye says that proper physical exercise should be performed for ten minutes. It's not just a matter of time, any exercise should be done gradually.

Physical exercise at home that is quite difficult to do, you can choose the following ways.

1. Squats. Stand up with feet that have opened as wide as your hips. The movement of his hips down like a want to sit, so that the directional butt down. Repeat this movement as much as a rehearsal.

2. Sit ups (crunches), burning the fat that is on the stomach is very effective if made with sit ups. The body lay on the floor and put your hands behind the head. Slowly, lift your head, waist, and you in a sitting position and be back right into the sleeping position.

3. Push the knees. Take a position like a steady push up movements but leave the knees bent to touch the floor. The second buckling arm and lower body like a regular thrust motion, repeat as many times as a repeat.

4. Spot jogging, jogging is a sport that a cardio and so very effective in weight loss. For this you can use the treadmill. However, if this is not possible, then please select the area of the house that you are quite extensive and allows you to run up. Do this as you use your treadmill.

5. The V-UPS seated. Sit with the legs stretched position and leg movement by lifting the foot a few inches from the ground. Hold the hip position, then bring the chest of the knee, leading to complete up to once repetition.
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6. Jumping jacks, jumping jack which is very famous in the antiquity gymnastics movement turned out to be good enough to lose weight. Try to let yourself do this exercise in a convenient place so that you are more efficient at making the leap. When you are jumping, then place the foot in a meeting, then jump to the position of the legs open, accompanied by the applause at the top of the head.

7. Climbers. Take such a position face down and put both hands on the floor and align. The movement of the feet like the hike in turn and end up as much as a rehearsal.
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8. Jumping, skipping the rope is fun thing to do. Just look for a place that is not too wide as in the garden or terrace, and then take a jump rope.

9. Dips, to make this sport you simply resting on tables, chairs, beds, or other objects that are able to withstand the pressure. After that, position the body you like while pushing ups with rest on such objects, instead of on the floor.
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Each movement must be done for 30 seconds, then leave for 30 seconds. Repeat a series of exercises with a total of four times. And don't forget to start with a warm-up and an end with stretching.

To lose weight it's not easy, you have to try the exercise routine we've mentioned above. You will not get results if you only do once or twice only. Repeat the exercise every day or at least 3 times a week.


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