Fast Weight Loss Diet, 10 Kg In 1 Week

Fast Weight Loss Diet, 10 Kg In 1 Week

Fast Weight Loss Diet – Typically, a lot of tips just lead to how to deal with the body only. We seldom see anyone giving tips to deal with specific to the thighs, arms, or cheeks. Of course, you think, why is specific to the thigh, arms, or cheek?

This is because the members of this body to the attention of women. Now try to hold your arm, big or not? Now, see the bottom part. Don't you see big thighs? If this is the case, take a look in the mirror, do you have a chin in layers or not? Normally, when your chin is in layers, the cheeks will look fat too.

For a man, the fat concentrates on the stomach. And for woman, big accumulate in the thighs and arms.

How healthy diet and naturally

I recognize that the diet is an activity that is difficult, not everyone can go on a diet. To go on a diet need continuous motivation and a strong commitment. What else has made the most normal diet that is a healthy diet? The primary key to a healthy diet is not giving up!

In general, the way a natural healthy diet is the following:

State of mind diets for Slim

After you make the decision to lose weight, then you should do it fervently. Don't procrastinate to do it, do it today! Not tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or next week. Usually, this habit of putting off is the problem. If you are the one with the mind like that, you would never be thin if it continues to think like that. The reason why a lot of people is diet mentality is because you are too weak, if you think still there is "tomorrow", but how do I get Skinny "tomorrow".

Many people who are engaged in a diet at that time as well, but 2 days, 3 days, or even a week later, they forget their own commitment, they unconsciously denied on a promise by eating foods like sodas, calorie Burgers, or even consciously "I'm tired!" One day just want out of diet. I must say, diet, you will not succeed if the commitment you weak!

Other problem after having made a diet in trouble, your weight is down, but not how to ride again. How can he be like this?

Understanding calories

Are you burning more calories while you're sleeping? But it's not that sleep is more important than sport. That is, a condition that relaxes as sleep can burn calories more precisely than the state of stress.

In fact, what is a calorie?

A calorie is a unit for measuring energy. The energy is that you need to move. If the energy of the car is a bit like gasoline (made the car could move), human energy is calories, and we can get the calories from the food.

So, each of you, move, exercise, breathe, and think, you burn calories in the body. Well, people are a little plump, its people who have excess calories. They produce more calories than burn calories.

The next question is how many calories do the average man in the activity required every day?

For most women, the calorie required is 2000 calories per day, while men are mainly 2500. For women, in order to 1/2 kg down, the calories burned should be approximately 1500 calories with the estimated time for a week. While for men is 2000 calories.

For example, there are calories in fried rice is about 350 calories, and the calories in the standard hamburger is 250 calories.

Well, the trick for thin, it easy. Use all the calories needed per day. For example, if you need a 1300 kcal per day, do not eat 2500 kcal for the day. If it less than 1000 kcal, you will feel hungry and are not fed. Try to take in the range 1000 – 1300 kcal. It's just an example, everyone else needs calories.
For this I highly recommend reading my writing on a healthy diet. There I described how to create Journal Food and Healthy menu.

Reduce portions to eat

We already know that the cause of obesity is the excess of calories. We also know that to reduce calories in addition to sports is also reducing food consumption.

What if we're hungry?

Reducing calories by way of reducing the intake of eating will make you hungry belly, that's why many people abandon the diet with the activity they do. The solution is that we need to eat foods that are low in calories, but makes us feel satiated all day. Or other trick is to create activities that can make you forget that you are hungry.

Well, foods that are low in calories, but can make breads a day is the meal more protein, for example, is nuts. White water can also help. The other trick is not to eat one serving at a time every day, but just eat a little. His advices, if you cannot reduce the portion of the meal, eat little by little, but with the intensity more often. It is intended to use calories effectively.

Avoid dinner time

Do not eat at night, eat 4-6 hours before going to bed. The perfect time for dinner was about 6 hours at night before going to bed. Because of the time, you will still be doing other activities.
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Avoid foods with high sugar levels

Avoid sugar rather than people with diabetes only. Avoiding sugar is actually important for everyone. We advise you to remove the bottled soda, as it is known that the beverage has a fairly high sugar level.

In modern era as now, most of the causes of overweight people instead of high levels of sugar. The bulk compositions come from the drinks we drink every day. It is very easy to drink and easy to find by surrounding us, such as: Soda and Juice. Not in spite of the large number of different types of chocolate drinks, isotonic, and others.

Also, beverages that contain a lot of sugar don't make you feel full!

Sugaring the human body it is necessary, but not to the excess. The sugar intake is sufficient as a sugar found in the fruits. If you eat foods that contain excess sugar in a constant conflict, you will not get overweight, but already worse.

If you cannot leave this habit, it will be difficult, it feels to lose weight.

Replace with low fat foods

Again, you need to know about calories in every meal. The fact is that you have to eat foods that have low calories. The trick, you can avoid all the way the cooked food is fried, or eat food cooked by way of burnt or boiled. Then replace the eating habits of a lot of rice or meat. We recommend that you replace the portion of vegetables and fruits.

Regular exercise

Reducing calories with a little will result in a decrease in metabolism. Decreased metabolism will cause muscular weakness. To make the muscles more powerful again, it is highly recommended to conduct regular exercises, such as push-ups, squats, sit-ups, jogging, or even a marathon.

Exercise is not necessarily every day, you need is routine. Doing little things like replacing the habit of riding the bike to buy something quite close to the boardwalk, it also can help you. If you can do it on a regular basis in the long run, you not only get the ideal weight alone, but will reduce the risk of illness, more energy, and be happy every day.

If you are not familiar, you can try jogging every morning or morning gymnastics. For more freshness, invite your family or friends.

Commitment to be slim

All will not work if you do not have a strong commitment to be slim, the point that you must have a strong commitment to thin. If you want more discipline, you can pay the gym trainers services to help you with the food.

That's the way a natural diet to lose weight effectively that you can try.


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