Dry Lips Remedy At home And Fast

Dry Lips Remedy At home And Fast

Dry Lips Remedy, how to overcome the lips dry and chapped. Lips is a very supportive facial beauty, therefore keeping the health and beauty of your lips is very important that should not be ignored. But having a pretty face is not easy, many problems that must be addressed, especially your lips. Lip problems that often occur is the lips dry and chapped what if this happens to you.

Don't worry about that, there are many ways that you can do to solve the problem of dry lips and chapped. Taking care of the lips in a natural way is highly recommended because in addition to safe for health can also be done at home. Some natural ingredients turned out to have remarkable properties to make your lips soft and brighter, and avoid the lips dry and chapped. Use the following natural ingredients to care for your lips at home, these natural ingredients easy to find around you.


As written above, honey could also give a good effect in the treatment of lips dry and chapped. Honey you can use to put your lips slowly. Honey is also certainly will be very good moisture your lips.
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Drink more water

Dehydration is one of the causes behind the lips dry and chapped. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep the skin remains moist.
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Avoid the use of chemicals that damage the Lips

Avoid using lipstick containing chemicals. Lipstick containing chemicals give effect lips dry and chapped. You should avoid using lipstick that containing the harmful chemical.


Chapped and dry lips usually happen if you lack of vitamin C. To make your lips soft, brighter and healthy you could use tomato fruit which is one that certainly will be very beneficial because it contains a lot of vitamin including vitamin C. you can slice tomatoes and rub it on your lips. If necessary you can also provide some drops of honey.

Butter or coconut oil

Butter and coconut oil is one of good alternative for chapped lips and dry. In addition to very easily obtain because every home definitely has it, it also contains fatty acids that either restore moisture to your lips.


In addition tomato, Cucumber also contain a lot of vitamin C. additionally cucumbers contain a lot of water could moisten your lips.

Extract of Aloe Vera

In addition to nourish hair Aloe Vera can also be used as an extract in the treatment against chapped lips and dry. Either you use Aloe Vera as a lip moisturizer before you sleep.

Lemon and honey

A lemon that you mix it with honey is believed capable of lifting dead skin cells. So if this is applied on your lips, it will be very good lifting dead skin cells on your lips dry.

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Avoid Licking Lips

Many are licking the lips often assume if it will make the lips moist. Licking lips to moisten the dry lips is not good solution, instead of the lips will become more dry and chapped conditions getting worse? So, don't lick the lips with minded occasionally dry, then the surface will be moist.

Use Lip Balm

Lip balm is very useful if you want to continue to keep the lips moist. Lip balm should apply once every 4 hours.
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Yes, use those natural material will able to help for lips remedy, event you can do at home, and also you needn’t pay for a lot of money.


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