Dry lips Causes, Cracked, Treatment

Dry lips Causes, Cracked, Treatment

Having dry lips chapped and makes you uncomfortable, even cause pain when hit by a drink. Dry lips often experienced by everyone, because dry lips easily occur. The main causes of dry lips are a deficiency of the mineral intake. Extreme dry lips will also easily cuts and bleeding.

Dry lips feel stiff so that always want to nibble and lick the lips all the time. Facial beauty becomes insufficient for dry lips also affect the appearance and colour of the lips. In fact what causes dry lips? You have to know what can make your lips dry and chapped.

The following causes dry lips that you should know:

Consuming less fruit and vegetables

The consumption of fruits and vegetables of human nutritional needs is for the body to stay healthy and fresh air. Failure to consume fruits and vegetables could trigger dry lips because of the nutrients and vitamins that are supposed to be the lips receive less. Diabetes and amoebiasis (infections of the colon and liver infections sometimes). Medical problems also cause the body to become dehydrated and immediately trigger the appearance of Chapped lips.


When the body of sudden fever, then the body still feels thirsty or hydrated. And this triggered the onset of chapped lips.

Less vitamin C
Foods containing vitamin C is very good for health because the lips are in dire need of vitamin C to keep the freshness and moisture to the skin of the lips.
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Frequent urination

The water coming out during urination will cause shortages of body water and caused the lips to crack and dry out.

The use of lipstick that is not suitable

A woman will definitely strive so that looks interesting and beautiful. One of them is wearing lipstick. But be careful with the lipstick you're wearing. Use lipstick that matches your lips. Because of the danger of a lipstick that is not suitable can cause your lips to dry even cracked


This condition causes the body to lose a lot of liquid because it has wasted when you vomit. This condition also causes sudden dry and chapped lips.

The air too dry

Dry air will affect the moisture on the skin of the lips. The skin of the lips is less moist will trigger the lips become dry, even chapped. Just as if you Hajj in Mecca or visiting to the country that has the air temperature are dry. The skin of the lips, we are accustomed to the tropical and watery temperature stunned and could be cracked.

Licking the lips

Sometimes in the unconscious of the individual often lick his lips with his own goals in order not to wet the dry. But it is precisely the more makes the lips becomes dry. Better to use lip balm or lip moisturizer to moisture all day.


Like urination, diarrhea has also resulted in a shortage of organic fluids and causes dry and chapped lips.

Exposed to excess sun

The dangers of excess sunlight is harmful to all parts of the skin, the skin of the lips is not an exception. The temperature of the excess heat of the sun that will trigger the lips become dry and become chapped.

How to treat dry lip? To handle dry lips while trying to do some of the tips below:

  • Vitamin C consumption enough-if you include people who are lazy consuming fruits, you can consume the juice or fruit that contains vitamin C in the form of capsules to meet the needs of vitamin C in the body. Vitamin C greatly influences the health of the lips. The completion of vitamin C will make the lips remain healthy.
  • Drink enough water – drink enough clear water is highly recommended by doctors. Drink regular water at least 1.5 litres per day. Lips also included body members who needed water. The water will help the lips become moist and non-dry. Read : Benefits Of Drinking Water
  • Avoid the habit of licking the lips-licking the lips with saliva have often done by many people. But do not do it because there is no description by train the media explaining that licked lips can make lips healthier, but can become dry.
  • Avoid the habit of biting the lip-a bad habit that disturbs and is not very good. This can cause the skin of lip wrinkles and the lip skin cell tissue is damaged. If this has happened, the lips can become chapped and dry. Read : 9 Tips To Prevent Chapped Lips
  • Do not be too often breathing through the mouth-make a habit of breathing through the nose because of breathing through the mouth can endanger the health of the lips. Breathing through the lips can trigger the lips become dry and gradually can become chapped.
  • Consumption of fruits and vegetables-enough-try the foods you eat every day contain fruits and vegetables. The content of vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables is necessary for healthy lips so dry lips can become moist and healthy again with the correct completion of vitamins and minerals.
  • Use the matching lipstick-identify in advance the type of your lip, if you include lip sensitive lips so be careful in using lipstick. Choose a lipstick that has the government's exceptional license. Lipstick that is not suitable can cause chap dry lips because even the contents of existing chemicals.
  • Use a lip balm-chapped and dry lips can be cured with lip balm. Use lip balm when you go-the fairy in the conditions exposed to hot sun due to lip balm can protect the lips from the warmth of the sun. So your lips are not chapped and dry.
  • Apply honey - honey is natural materials can face dry and chapped lips. Apply honey on your chapped lips on a regular basis according to your needs. Honey will moisturize the lips from the outside and seep through the skin.
  • Fill the needs of nutrition-dry lips can occur due to the lack of nutrients in the body. Eat foods that contain a lot of nutrients. Nutrition in the body can adequately solve the problem of dry lips.
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That's what causes dry lips that you should beware, when it is already experiencing dry lips and chapped, you could try how to treat dry lips that had our review above.

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