Drinking In The Morning, Good Consumed For Health

Drinking In The Morning, Good Consumed For Health

Breakfast is often ignored by some people, because of the flurry of being the main reason that makes them do not have time for breakfast. Finally get to work in a hurry forget breakfast, but breakfast is very important for health. People who when the morning breakfast they may be pursuing a better activity than those who are not in the morning breakfast.

Breakfast is not only a problem, you should also know what kind of food and drinks what good is consumed in the morning, given stomach still empty when the morning. Complementary food is drinks, well how about good drinks consumed when the morning?

Getting into the breakfast menu must be the wrong gel during the next breakfast menu that triggered the accumulation of fat and calories in the body. One of the lists that is not an effort stone is a list of drinks.

Here are the good drinkings consumed for the body at breakfast.

Plain Water

Plin Water is a light drink and a rich benefit. So, at breakfast, don't forget to drink regular water.

Plain water can help prevent dehydration from the body so that it will reduce the rotor when the body starts to lack fluids.

According to the bank David, Doctor of Medicine, an expert in skin diseases in Kisco Mountain, NY, Plain Water also makes the skin will look brighter and shiny

Plain water can also prevent obesity. Plain water speeds up the metabolic processes of the body and can make you more quickly complete. So, don't forget to drink water always before and after a meal.
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Drinking a cup of tea in the morning usually became a lot of people. Anyone feel more healthy tea.

According to Jonathan R. Cole, MD, the Director of the Medicine, medical director at the California Institute of Health and longevity, green tea increase metabolism and help prevent breast cancer, lung cancer, and oesophageal cancer.

The content of antioxidants in green tea can help combat aging. Black tea also stretched itself, among other things, reducing blood pressure, according to research from the University of Western Australia.

People who drink black tea 4 times a day for 6 weeks it is known that cortisol hormones stress levels are lower. Additionally, the tea contains fluoride that can protect the tooth.

More importantly, look at the sugar sand rate. It is best to use low calorie ingredients such as palm, sugar and honey to give a sweet taste.


For some people, drinking coffee is already usually. In fact, the first drink is consumed in the morning is coffee.

Coffee helps the health of the heart, reducing the risks of some cancers. If you want to encourage body metabolism, choose black coffee without sugar. However, coffee is not a substitute for breakfast.

It is a consideration of most people who drink coffee and breakfast feels very rich and able to suppress your appetite with only a cup of coffee.

It would be better, and there's another breakfast list as a running partner like fruit. Consuming coffee in the morning there is still a lot of controversy, some say be and some say not good.

Research conducted by the University of regular services for doctoral students in health sciences found that when an early breakfast before 9 a.m. was not suitable for coffee.

This scientific research says that when the stress hormone is released after cortisol is called between the hours of 8 am to 9 am.
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This will help stress hormones make you wake up and prepare to undergo the activity. If the coffee is consumed at the same time, your body is easily strangled because of the lack of cortisol hormone due to the effects of caffeine.

That's 3 different types of drinks consumed when good morning to accompany breakfast menu at the dinner table. Of the three drinks, it turns out that coffee is still much debated.


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