Diet For Diabetes, Safe For Health

Diet For Diabetes, Safe For Health

Advice for diabetics is to control eating patterns especially avoid foods that contain high sugar. Well, what about a diet for diabetes safty and effective? Read the reviews below.

If you are diabetic should not consume excessive red meat, no matter if you are food lovers of meat like steak or whatever, if you do not want to be exposed to a risk of diabetes. Researchers at Harvard Public Health School report that 50 grams of red meat a day will take you on a verdict of diabetes.

Not limited to the risk that you receive the 51 percent range compared to those who do not eat red meat every day. Red meat should not be included in the diabetic dietary menu, except only one distraction once in a week. Even with a safe way to cook.

If the test result shows that your blood glucose level exceeds the normal insulin function and you will be distracted, then automatically you are a patient of diabetes mellitus, diabetes and diet is the best thing you can do right now.

The best diet menu for diabetics

Is it necessary to pay a nutritionist to give you an appropriate diabetic diet menu for you? But, it certainly, if you have enough money. If you want to reduce, the tips below can be used.

Replace rice with fibre carbohydrates, such as whole wheat, whole wheat flour, bread, brown rice, potatoes and cereals. If quite thorough, calculating the carbohydrate intake you consume by consulting the Glycemix Index (GI) guide could be an amazing idea.

In addition to fibre carbohydrates, fresh vegetables rich in fiber is the best for the Diabetic diet menu, and among the best to consume is cabbage, cucumbers, and lettuce. No need to cook it with a mixture of various herbs, enough of the consumption of raw or steam away.

Also, don't forget to eat fruit. Citrus fruits, fruit, tomatoes, and berries, Noni fruit is the best. In fact, the Noni fruit have the bladder proxeronin able to repair the work of the pancreas in the production of insulin.

So indirectly, the Noni fruit is able to stabilize blood glucose levels. You can also vary the diet of your diabetes with a low protein/lean.

The protein can be consumed such as sirloin, skinless chicken, tofu, soy beans, and grilled or grilled fish. Avoid canned foods, by the exception of its preservatives contained in this food, a high sodium content will also have to be careful.
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Consume low-sodium foods to protect your kidneys. In addition to the kidney, avoiding sodium can reduce the risk of high blood. Thus, the diabetic diet protects not only your pancreas, but also protects your other organs.

Vitamin D and exercise to improve the diabetic diet

Other tips that you can do is much to bask in the morning sun because the pro-vitamin D is converted to vitamin in your body will help improve the function of insulin producing cells.
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Sports play a role is crucial to the success of your diabetic diet. There are two reasons that support this argument.
  1. You have to keep your weight as possible, If you’re overweight, in your blood sugar level may be higher, you have to burn calories more.
  2. You need to keep your stamina, By doing activities and exercise is the best response to the endurance problem.

That's the diet for diabetes, you have to understand, so not at high risk. Eat nutritious food and to have a low risk of diabetes as well as sport is the best way to prevent diabetes.


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