Choose Low Calorie Fruit And Vegetable Diet For Proper

Choose Low Calorie Fruit And Vegetable Diet For Proper

Having the ideal body is a dream of many people especially for women. Things that affect the weight is food, food could have increasing weight dramatically, so to keep your weight should be cleverer at choosing the food you want to eat. Best foods for weight loss are a fruit and vegetable but not all are able to support your diet program. So choose low calorie vegetable and fruit that you put into your daily menu, to make your diet work.

Some women have a program to lose weight will surely alarming with calorie intake that has been consumed. This food portion size as consumed on a regular basis can lead to weight loss dramatically. The following foods have low calorie that could have the choice to start a program to lose weight:


Consuming one cup of broccoli can meet nearly 34 calories, making vegetable broccoli such as meals a day very nutritious for the health of your body.
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Green Tea

Consuming green tea not only reduces the risk of heart disease, but also controlling your calorie intake. Drink unsweetened green tea, green tea is free calories that can be served hot or cold.


This fruit has high vitamin C content, as consumed daily can help reduce the size of the waist easily. With 37 calories per half grapefruit, fruit slices can also include blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Red pepper

Health experts say the red peppers are that a source of good nutrition with 100 grams of red pepper contains 31 calories. If consumed daily, it can be consumed vitamin C-intake of 200%.


Strawberry fruit can serve as dessert, 100 grams of this antioxidant-rich fruit contains only 33 calories. Strawberry fruit contains polyphenols that protect the body from tissue damage that can lead to various disorders of the heart.


A medium sized mushroom consume only 4 calories, so if you want to consume food during nocturnal herbs it can be used as menu options to contain the safest food to maintain weight.


Cucumber has 96% moisture content and 22 calories per segment, cucumber is one of the best natural ingredients so that the body is hydrated during the summer. If you want some fiber, do not peel the cucumber time consumption.
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Boil the cauliflower as much as 100 grams may contain 25 calories, 20% Vitamin C intake also was that your body needs adults every day.

That's some kind of low-calorie fruits and vegetables that you can consume to support your diet program. Because when you have heavy foods you can increase could even trigger cancer.


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