Causes Of Itchy Eyes, You Should Know

Causes Of Itchy Eyes, You Should Know

Itching to the eyes make you very uncomfortable to do various activities. When the itching, spontaneous, you will surely scratch the eye with rubbed or coarsely rubbed. You have to remember that rubbing the eye when the itching can cause the irritation, spread the germs and cause infections. So if it is excessive and can often damage the eyeball.

Clinical director of LensCrafters, Mark Jaber says, in most cases, the scratching eyes will aggravate the inflammation and will not solve the problem, or it might even aggravate. When irritating eyes due to environmental allergies, for example, then rubbing and scratching can actually release more histamine and make itching worse.

The best step to cure the itching eyes, you first need to know what the cause is so that you can treat it directly to the source.

The Most Common Causes Of Itching In The Eye:

Red eyes

If the eyes are irritating and pink or red, eye water or any of the other symptoms of the red eye, visit your ophthalmologist. You may need antibiotic use, but it all depends on what causes red eyes.
Preferably, avoid touching your eyes because it can rub on the other eye or others.

Inflammation of the eyelids

The most common cause of inflammation of the eyelid is the staph bacterium. The disease is known in medical terms that cause blepharitis itching, red, watery, swollen, or dry. Often, as the flakes of dandruff formed on the eyelid and the area of the lashes meet.

There is dust or foreign matter in your eyes

Whether it is dust, sand or small animals and other foreign objects that penetrate into the eyes can cause itching, irritation and pain in the eyes. Foreign bodies in the eyes makes you want to always scratch, you know it can lead to the abrasion of the cornea that increase the risk of infection and cause scarring of the cornea.

Environmental, food, animals or allergies

Irritating eyes is usually a symptom of an eye allergy.

For some allergies may be due to food, environment, or season. People can also get irritating eyes from only the fur of the affected animal. When touching things is an allergen, then touch the eyes, here is what cause of itchy eyes.

Wear contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses, you may experience itching for some reason. Long term use of contact lenses may increase the risk of eyes becoming dry. Allergens can also be assembled into the lens and make the allergy symptoms worse.

Contact lens allergy can also be developed by compiling conjunctivitis that can make eyes sensitive, red and irritating.
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Products that can irritate

Some chemicals or ingredients in personal care products can cause contact dermatitis, rashes and itching on the skin. This is a late allergic reaction to the allergens and can usually lead to the skin reddened around the eyelids.

Strained eyes due to gadget

Overuse of gadgets can make your eyes tense. This causes stress on the eyes and makes the eyes itchy. Strained eyes can also cause fatigue, headache, difficulty concentrating and impact on long-term vision.

Dry Eye

This condition usually occurs when a person does not have enough quality water to lubricate the eyes and nourish the eyes. Dry eye problems are the most frequent and often chronic, especially in older adults. Dry eyes should be treated because of the chronic dry eye causes the feeling of hot burning, itching or tingling of the eye, blurry and aqueous eyes.
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Eyes drop can avoid the redness that occurs as well as the eyes help to stay moist also relieve the itching.

Try to rinse it with water or medicated eye drops without chemicals. If you are still itching or pain, it may be due to foreign bodies has been scratched a little your eyes.


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