Best Diet Food Plan Should You Try

Best Diet Food Plan Should You Try

Choose from a number of seemingly endless diet plan may seem like an insurmountable challenge, especially when the diet has to be successful and proven with sustained weight loss, but it is safe, easy to be followed and a healthy diet.

While many trading regimes offer great number of testimonials about their success to weight loss, they might not respond precisely to all the other requirements and can often have negative health effects. Less known, but a diet has been continues to be eligible for the best diet.

1. The DASH Diet

Developed by the National Institutes of Health, the diet approaches to stop hypertension, or Dash, focusing on prevention and management of high blood pressure. This diet focuses on a healthy balanced meal and inhibits the intake of fats and sweet foods, but does not prohibit certain food groups. People are educated on how and how much they should eat, depending on the age and fitness, and then they develop a plan to eat them. This diet facilitates weight loss and incorporates the same principle followed by the American diabetes Association.

2. The TLC regime

Diet changes, lifestyle Theurapeutic other programs produced by the National Institutes of Health, focuses on lowering bad cholesterol and improving overall heart health. This plan limits the fat intake, especially saturated fats. They also intend to drastically limit the intake of calories and to include more fibre in the diet. The guidelines for daily calorie intake are higher if the person is only concerned with low cholesterol, and if that person also wants to lose weight. Once this is established, follow the rules of diet meal plans can be designed.

3. The Mayo Clinic regime

This diet aims to change the eating habits of the community so that they eat healthy for life. It also focuses on the prevention of diabetes. The program is divided into two parts. The first part, there is no calorie counting and limited snacking fruits and vegetables are allowed. Participants learn about 15 important eating habits they need to eliminate or add to their routine. During the second part, participants learn the number of calories they need for weight loss or maintenance and food they should eat.
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4. The Mediterranean regime

This diet modeled after eating and living habits of people who live in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, centered on the inclusion of olive oil, fish, fruits, vegetables and other goods in the usual diet of a healthy person. There is no real game program because people eat is a little different in all countries. However, the diet somewhat similar so that participants can design their own, combined with an active lifestyle to get the most out of the benefit of the diet. Diet to lower bad cholesterol and prevent complications of heart disease.

5. Weight Watchers

Commercial food is very effective for weight loss and easy to follow. If it is followed correctly, it is also very nutritious. One of the most positive aspects of Weight Watchers is that it focuses on community support through weighing and meeting. This diet encourages a permanent lifestyle change and routine nutrition that includes a lot of fruits and vegetables and allow some tidbits sporadically. This plan uses a point system and each food has been given a value, allowing each participant to design their own meal plans.

6. The Flexitarian regime

This diet, which often occurs in lowering blood pressure, according to the participant adds the five food groups for their habits, the diet includes meat such as tofu, cereals, milk and sugar and spices. Fleksitarian is not strictly vegetarian. They limit their meat consumption, but have an occasional meal that includes meat. This program follows plan 3-4-5, which means that participants can spend 300 calories at breakfast, lunch and 400-500 calories at dinner. In addition, some 150 calorie snacks may be included. Participants also change the daily calorie intake that the plan depends on age, s3x and physical activity.

7. Volumetric

This diet is a very safe and balanced nutritional plan, designed by a Penn State professor of nutrition, it is also beneficial for heart health and diabetes control. This program teaches participants the density of food so that they can choose low density foods for a larger portion of their food. These low density foods are more filling, but do not give calories as much as other foods. The program is very flexible and the participants choose the rigour with which they want to follow the plan. The program is designed to include three meals a day plus two snacks.

8. Jenny Craig

Commercial food It is both easy to follow and nutritionally balanced. This also involves emotional support for the participants, helping to keep them motivated. This program includes meal and exercise plans for individual and personal weekly sessions with a food consultant. Individual diet plan is based on the participant's weight, exercise habits, motivation and dedication to lose and even on the tendency of participants to overeat because of stress. The food is packaged and delivered to the attendees at least until they lose half of your desired weight and can be quite expensive.

9. The largest losing regime

Healthy diet is very effective and the safe way to lose weight in the short term and can help fight diabetes, as well as improving heart health. Diet, which is described in various books, is about a lifestyle change and aims to teach participants to eat balanced meals are centered on the food with high quality calories. This diet has its own food pyramid consisting of four portions of fruits and vegetables, three of the proteins and two of the seeds. The participants also learned how to control the portions.
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10. The Ornish regime

Although this diet is very beneficial for heart health, as well as very limited and difficult to follow due to tight fat restrictions and requests from other programs. A balanced nutritious diet, safe to follow and can be adjusted according to the health needs of the participants. Developed by Dean Ornish, a professor of medicine at the University of California, diet program includes four parts: diet, exercise, stress management and emotional support. This program divides the food into five groups of most at least important nutrient.

3 Days Diet

Day 1 : 870 calories, total calories

Breakfast of black coffee or tea without sugar with grape juice with a sprig of wheat bread and peanut butter. This was followed by lunch in the form of half slices of tuna or salmon, with a sprig of bread and black coffee or bitter black tea. Dinner with chicken or beef without fat and a handful of beans and carrots and potatoes, then finish with Apple.

Day 2 : Total calories, 1149

Breakfast with a fruit boiled egg with tea honey and bananas. Lunch with 1 boiled eggs and wheat bread and bitter coffee or white water. Then, followed by a dinner with beef steak and vegetables broccoli and tofu sautéed at dessert in the form of citrus fruits.

Day 3 : Total calories, 859

You can have breakfast with apples, toasted wheat bread and hot tea. Lunch with 1 boiled egg with tea or coffee and a banana. Then dine with tuna or other fish with carrots and cabbages and desserts with fruit and watermelon.
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You should also remember not to cook food through fries or to contain vegetable oil to avoid calories and cholesterol. However this effect may be different on each person, so maybe some of you may not feel the effects are so impressive.


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