Benefits Of Nap For Children, Do Not Allow Children To Play Continuously

Benefits Of Nap For Children, Do Not Allow Children To Play Continuously

Child development is different, there are children who have been good at speaking when he was three years old, the year is not rare children aged three years a less good at speaking. Try to find a way how to improve child development to be more clever. Easy ways that you can do to help the development of them is to let them take a nap.

Researchers at the University of Arizona in the US found that 24 hours later, the children who nap, in the treatment within an hour of being able to learn verbs with better than children who wake up for at least five hours of study.

This is about children habits are often a nap, or not. The findings, published in the journal Child Development shows, parents may want to consider the implementation of the naps for toddlers who at the age where naps are likely to be reduced, said the main study author Michelle Sandoval.

The team tested the 39 types of development of children in the age of three years and divided them into two groups on nap (nap children of four or more days a week) and a habit of children who did not nap (nap child three days or less per week).

In each group, the children were randomly assigned to take a nap, where she for at least 30 minutes after learning of the verb or stay awake, in which she will not nap after learning will nap.

They teach the children two verb "blicking" and a "rooping". They also showed a video in which two different actors performed separately.

Twenty-four hours later, the children showed a video of the same two actors act like they learned earlier in the day.

"Regardless of the behavior of the nap, the children are in bed conditions are asked to take a nap after learning to generalize, and those who stay awake 24 hours later can not generalize," says Michelle.
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What is really important about this phase is that basically the brain a repeat of memory during sleep. So the rhythms of the brain during sleep action slows down and other stages of non-REM sleep is actually activate, repeat and strengthen memory, "said study co-author Rebecca Gomez.

That's an easy way to improve child development, familiarize the nap will help enhance the growth and development of children is better.


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