Bad Eating Habits Can Cause Disease

Bad Eating Habits Can Cause Disease

Eating is a routine activity that is done every day. Through food body will surely get your nutrients are converted into energy by the body. It's not just the food, eating habits will affect health, following bad eating habits you need to avoid. Here's the bad eating habits that you should avoid because it may be able to cause a variety of diseases:
  1. A penchant for consuming sweet foods of diabetes is the worst side effect due to consuming too much sugar. Obesity also often attacked because of our habit of consuming sugar is too greedy. People have become obese not because of the calories on sugar, but sugar have the ability to affect your hormonal balance. Increasing the thirst to talk about eating and adipose tissue can lead to an increase in body fat. Consume sugar to taste or find a low calorie sugar to avoid such things.
  2. Eat more when the less comfortable liver the fact remains that most people tend to eat more when they are less comfortable. Many people consume excess carbohydrates and calories when their hearts are less silent or in distress situations. If you are in the mood like this, eating healthy foods is to taste and maintain healthier lifestyle habits.
  3. Feeding too fast eating too fast can lead to a problem on your stomach. You press too much, so that the air can lead to flatulence. You also have the possibility will not chew perfectly, only saliva that destroy the food. These habits lead to the hard work of the gastrointestinal tract, which has become one of the triggers of the onset of digestive disorders. Eat fast does not give the brain enough time to chase the food to the stomach. This habit can finally increase your weight. At least it takes 20 minutes to get the message that the stomach is already full.
  4. Smoking smoked foods is very harmful to your health at any time, even when you smoke after a meal. A number of scientific studies show that smoking after meals is comparable to smoking ten stems (possibility of esophageal cancer). Avoid your smoking habit after a meal.
  5. Ignoring breakfast no breakfast can lead to discomfort when Eve morning and will need excess food during the day. Blood sugar usually decreases at night, so your brain will feel worthless until you consume breakfast. A number of researches point out that the brain and memory abilities are rising in the morning. New research also suggests breakfast tend to provide more calories throughout the day than those who ignore it. The breakfast really helps you to win and maintain the weight. A regular breakfast ensures that you have enough calories to do all the activities up to the daylight.
  6. Do not drink enough water did you know that when you are thirsty you are already dehydrated? Water is the second after the body needs oxygen. But many of us neglect the time to drink water so the light dehydrated all day long. Dehydration makes us feel hungry and tired. After eating and then consuming water to taste. Bring a bottle of water and drink according to the needs of the body. Drink water to taste can prevent you from dehydration and helps you control your thirst to talk packaged as well as lose weight.
  7. Eating excess in the weekend has managed to maintain a balanced diet all week, people tend to brag with exaggerated. As a result, they will probably add more calories to their diet over the weekend. This is absolutely not a good thing if you want to maintain health. Try to control your appetite talking eat on weekends.
  8. Eating habits nocturnal metabolism is weakened and burns more slowly at night. If you eat too much at night, the body will work harder to absorb nutrients than normal needs. In addition, it will also wake up the digestive organs, even if you fall asleep, but the digestive organs will be literate throughout the night, resulting in the hard work of this organ the next day. Eating before bedtime is a bad habit. If you cannot eliminate this habit, you should consume enough small snacks, fresh fruit or vegetables.
  9. Consuming too much raw food is currently very popular. Many people get success with these habits. In fact, if you consume too much raw food and vegetables, your health will be affected by the bacteria contained in the food. The cooking and processing of food kills the germs and bacteria contained therein. Reduce eating meals like this.
  10. Addicted to coffee a number of scientists from Johns Hopkins Medical School has recently been reported that people who drank more than five cups of coffee a day almost tripled the chances of developing heart disease that only drinks coffee alright. Other studies in the Netherlands also suggest that women who consume too much coffee can cause fertility problems. A number of researches have also put forward that coffee stimulates the production of gastrin that can stimulate pancreatic hyperplasia and neoplasia. Drinking coffee more than three cups a day can lead to pancreatic cancer. The solution is simply by reducing or completely eliminating the habit of drinking coffee.
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That's bad eating habits that can have an impact on health, so how to eat right and correct eating habits you should pay attention.

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