Avoid These Foods For Breakfast, Because They Give A Bad Impact On Health

Avoid These Foods For Breakfast, Because They Give A Bad Impact On Health

Breakfast indeed it is advisable before you do activities during the day. After sleeping for a night and at that time the body stops getting food intake, so that on tomorrow's stomach is empty and feels hungry. Belly in the empty condition, should be given a secure food intake to the stomach.

Not everyone is aware that not all that good food is consumed when the stomach is still empty in the circumstances. So it's not just the energy that so the main choice, but the adverse effects that may be caused when consuming these foods. Don't just think about the taste of food, but also consider also the impact as bad for health. Here are some of the types of foods you should avoid for breakfast.


For those of you who love cabbage, typically cabbages are used as a mixture of other foods, such as use as spices and complement others. Well for breakfast we recommend that you do not consume cabbage cabbages can cause gastric irritation.

Cucumber and raw vegetables

The high content of amino acids in raw vegetables can cause heartburn, abdominal pain, and blowing. Especially if you take it in empty stomach conditions or on having breakfast.

Cakes and cakes

Don't ever make this meal the main menu for breakfast. The reason is of course because of the content of this food which consists only of sugars and fats. Next the content of sugars in the cakes can increase blood sugar and diabetes makes you hungry. While the fat that comes from a pan process can affect cholesterol levels.
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Bratz and Nagts

Processed meats are very dangerous for the body especially when consumed for breakfast, because they can increase the risk of heart disease and also obesity.


Banana consumption is not recommended in the morning, especially if the fruit is eaten without any extras. Because eating bananas in an empty stomach can increase the amount of magnesium in the blood that hurts the heart.
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Tomato consumption is not recommended in the morning for breakfast, because the content of the bitin and the acid of medionia can increase intestinal problems.

From now on, you can avoid the above 6 types of food for breakfast. Indeed these types of foods also contain nutrients that are good for the body, but on the other hand can also be detrimental to the health of the body. You may be able to consume the food, but should be complemented with other types of food.

That's the 6 types of food you need to pause to eat on time in the morning or when the stomach is still empty, like after waking or fasting. Hopefully this article can add your insights, especially in terms of health.

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