5 Foods To Increase Brain Function

5 Foods To Increase Brain Function

Choosing the right food not only have an impact on the body, but also exert influence on other organs such as the brain. The brain is a very important organ in which the brain used to think and respond to all physical activity. Many scientists argue that the brain can be influenced by nutrients contained in food consumed.

Well, this is of course to increase brain function is affected by some type of meal, not all foods are good for brain health, especially to improve memory. What are the types of foods that are good for improving brain performance? Look at the types of foods that are good for the brain.

Green vegetables

We also know that green vegetables have high nutrient content that leaves like spinach, cabbage, lettuce and green cabbage is a type of other vegetable containing folic acid. The results of the studies conducted by the Netherlands scientists found a person who consumes a lot of folic acid 800 μg (micrograms) per day for three consecutive years, and memory will be significant improvements. Try taking half a cup of spinach containing 100 ug of folic acid.


In addition to vegetables, cereals are also rich with nutrients that are good for the brain. Start thinking about eating routine oats, flaxseed, shea seeds, sunflower seeds, full grain bread, brown rice, and so on. Because a range of pills can increase the blood flow to the brain so that our minds are stronger. Even the flax contains the Omega 3 seed fatty acids higher than the salmon. The daily needs of omega-3 fatty acids is 1,000 mg-600 mg or equivalent of 1-2 tablespoons flax seeds. While the salmon contains 600 mg of omega 3 fatty acids in 100 grams.

Perry Family

The content of fruit family berries, such as strawberries, blueberries, berries, blackberry, are very good for sharpening memory because they are high in antioxidants.

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Salmon and Trout

According to the results of a study of the National Institute of Health, both of these fish species is the best source of medical management, because contains omega 3 fatty acids proven to be able to enhance memory and increase the supply of oxygen to the brain. Try fish consumption as much as 350 grams or capsules of dietary supplements with management department as much as 600 mg/week.

Coffee and green Tea

When the arterial function is good, memory will be useful. According to a study conducted in the Netherlands, they consume tea and coffee on a regular basis, which is the smallest risk of Alzheimer's and people with Parkinson's.

5 types of food are so easy we get that is by buying in the modern market and traditional market already available. List the types of food into a shopping list in order not to forget to consume these foods.
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Development and brain health is very important to note, especially for children which is growth in the brain of normal and good is urgently needed. Provide 5 types of food menu for the family every day or three days. May be useful and we wish you healthy always.

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