22 High Calorie Foods For Weight Gain

22 High Calorie Foods For Weight Gain

Fast and healthy weight food enhancer is a must in order to get the ideal body. A lot of people who want the ideal body shape.

Anyone making diet with weight loss food consumption, there are also intentionally takes a lot of food to gain weight.

Indeed, the more you give a list of meals to those who are on a diet, but certainly for those of you who are or want to gain weight, the list of foods Enhancer weight loss necessarily need so.

Meat Weight Loss Enhancer

Red meat is a source of food that could put on weight quickly. Good again and after being treated. In addition to high calories and fat, red meat is too high in protein when cooked in the right way. In addition to that the red meat is also rich in iron are high cholesterol. You can eat 22 High Calorie Foods For Weight Gain bellow:

Red meat

The red meat in question is cows, goats, etc., if treated again then the calories would be the largest
  • Roasts: Any red meat of 70 grams already processed in roast contains 150 calories.
Chicken Meat

Also, there are red meat chickens that are also a source of protein, but have a high fat content. Especially for the menu-a menu that is processed from the chicken prepare to be away.

Calorie content of chicken meat by 100 gram:
  • Chicken skin: 349 calories/100 grams
  • Chicken breast: 192 calories/100 grams
In addition, the chicken will also increase calories in large numbers if it has been treated.
  • Roast chicken: In each 100 grams of grilled chicken contains 482 calories.

It tastes delicious and high in omega 3 content making salmon in a special fish and have a hefty price tag is expensive. But behind that salmon can also add weight because the food sources of the protein and rich in fat. By 100 g of salmon there are about 146 calories.


Bananas contain unsaturated fats and rich in calcium. As well as the calories contained in it. And each type has different calorie content of bananas.


Just like papaya, Mango is also a typical fruit of the tropics in which contain quite high calorie because of the sugar content. Each 100 grams of mangoes contain 72 calories.


Being a typical tropical fruit, papaya has high enough calorie content because the contents of normal sugars in and can be one of the foods that help add weight. Every 100 grams there are papaya 46 calories.

Avocado Fruit

Avocado Fruit can also gain weight when we eat it on a regular basis. In addition to having high-calorie fruits, avocado also contains potassium, folic acid, vitamin B and vitamin E. Each 100 grams of avocados contain 85 calories.

Cow milk

Cow milk also be mistaken or foods that can help add weight. Cow's milk has two types of which already sterile and always pure milk. Pure milk fat and has a lot more vitamin A and vitamin D with high amounts. For ordinary cow's milk with a total of 15 grams that stirred a total of 54 calories. Excluded when mix with sugar.


You want to gain weight? Replace the oil with the butter if you want to fry anything. Butter has high calories and fat. But the fat in the butter is not a saturated fat, but rather the opposite. Butter can also be consumed with bread.

Peanut butter

Other weight Enhancer food is peanut butter. Peanut butter that has been mixed with sugar contains high protein and fat. In addition, it also contains folate, magnesium, vitamin E and vitamin B3. Usually in a tablespoon of peanut butter there are 100 calories.

Peanut butter Bread: fresh bread making have 128 calories. If added with a tablespoon of peanut butter menu has a number of 228 calories.


As the food that is treated results from the fermentation of milk. The calories in the cheese is greater compared to the calories in the milk. The cheese can be mixed with a variety of other foods. The taste is also very delicious.

Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread of high fiber because the wheat content of much more. In addition to generating a feeling of satiety more than fresh bread, whole wheat bread has also become one of the sources of energy. Calories are in bread wheat bigger than fresh bread which is 149 calories in each of the bread lid.


Other food that is add weight gain is potatoes. The potatoes have made a full due to the calorie content. Besides the potatoes also contain fibers, proteins, vitamin C, the protein in the potato can be obtained to the maximum in consumption with the peel. The potatoes that have been treated have different calorie content.

  • Boiled potatoes: in 100 g of boiled potatoes contains 83 calories.
  • Fries: French fries in 100 grams contain 140.7 calories.


Although low in calories, vegetables are also needed to help put on the weight. The role of vegetables in the body is that the treatment of nutrients in the body until the body develops healthily. Vegetables are also indeed widely processed and the calories in vegetables can also have different levels.

  • Yellow marinated vegetable: In 75 grams of marinated yellow vegetables, there are 53 calories.
  • Vegetable spinach: In 50 grams of vegetable spinach, there are 18 calories.


The same made from wheat with large numbers, cereals also contain high calories and also gives effect to feel full. In a bowl of cereal there are 229 calories.

Ice cream

Food is often used as an ice cream dessert dish already knows how much effect when a routine to eat. Ice cream can add weight because of the contents of milk, cream and sugar.

Chicken eggs

Eggs are also an excellent source of protein can be foods that help to add weight. Most of those who want to form a body to make it look as big as bodybuilding, consume dozens of eggs every day so their bodies remain large and weighted. As well as if you want to gain weight. The calories are in each processed egg is different.
  • Poached egg: In 60 grams of boiled eggs containing 97 calories.
  • Fried egg: In 60 grams of fried eggs contains 40 calories.

The mayonnaise made the egg has fairly high calorie ingredients mixed or discussed as gravy. Therefore, for those whose diets are advised to avoid this food. But for those of you, who are trying to increase your weight, mix this material with your food.
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Rice is a source of carbohydrates for some people in the world gives enough energy to carry out the activity. That's because the content of the calories. In any ordinary rice we make you at home with the number of 100 grams there are 175 calories. Different once again turned into fried rice or other rice menus.
  • Fried rice: In each 200 g fried rice contains 534 calories.

Chocolate can also gain weight when we are consumed with the routine. Chocolate contains a lot of calories what else Brown has been transformed and added other ingredients such as milk or sugar.

Olive oil

Adding a few drops of olive oil in the diet can also gain weight because olive oil also has a role similar to that of the vegetable where can help to grow nutrients in the body.
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Calories Human Needs

  • Average-the average for a woman aged about 19 to 30 years and has 1.8 active enough activity that needs the range of calories from 2 000 to 2 200 calories per day. and women with age, but has a very active activity requires a calorie of 2 400 calories per day.
  • While for men aged 19 to 30 years with a fairly active activity requiring ranges of calories up to 2 600 2 800 calories per day. And for men with age with a very active activity calorie needs of 3 000 calories per day.

Food consumption tips Weight Enhancer

Even if you already know what type of food loss weight enhancer that is effective, but you should see some of the tips below.
  • Food consumption in the morning and during the day, not the night of the day as it may be bad.
  • Do not consume too much food, remember the caloric needs of adults only 2000-3000 calories.
  • Replace your snacks with nuts
  • Drinking milk regularly can add weight.
That's food for consumption you can if you want to gain weight.


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