Yellow Teeth, Causes And Prevent

Yellow Teeth, Causes And Prevent

Teeth are also the body jewelry that will support the appearance of any person. What if the jewelry is not already looks beautiful again? Then your appearance will also be flawed and imperfect. Dental residents change into yellow is one of the dental problems that should not be taken lightly. Yellow teeth are a sign and proof that you are less and less attention to dental hygiene.

Yellow teeth can be caused by many things, well if you do not want your main teeth thus avoid some causes of yellow teeth, as below.

Yellow Teeth Causes


Although it is not written in packets of cigarettes that smoking can cause yellow teeth just like written smoking can cause cancer, but in fact smoking can cause yellow teeth and damage to the teeth. The nicotine content in cigarettes makes the spaces, the nicotine acid mouth will stick to the teeth so yellow.


The coffee has also become a problem in the teeth. Although the coffee has many benefits for healthy, but the coffee is not good for the teeth. The habit of drinking coffee will make teeth yellowed, not just yellowing, even coffee can also make black teeth. You can see the teeth of people who love to drink coffee, most of them have yellow and black teeth.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea has lots of benefits for the health of our body. But too often consuming herbal tea will make the teeth become yellow. So you don't eat too often herbal tea.


Alc*ohol is not good for health, alco*hol can cause a variety of serious illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, stroke to a heart attack. In addition to these dangerous illnesses, the habit of drinking alco*hol can also damage the teeth. Alco*hol will cause the teeth to become yellow and perforated, so avoid alco*hol.


The genetic factor or the descendants can also be causes of yellow teeth. If you have a parent with yellow teeth, you will probably also have yellow teeth.

Sugary foods

Sugary foods are the main enemy of the teeth. Sugary foods like cakes, chocolate, brownies and the like can damage and cause teeth to become yellow. Therefore, sugar-free foods are avoided so that the teeth are always healthy and clean.

How to prevent yellow teeth

Brushing your teeth routinely

The lazy brushing of my teeth is one of the factors that the extrinsic causes of the teeth become yellow. If you want to have a healthy, white and shiny teeth then always brushing my teeth at least twice a day after meals mainly before bed. Brushing my teeth not only cleans the mouth of bacteria and food waste, but can also help restore the natural color of the teeth. Currently many products containing whitening toothpastes on the market only choose the toothpaste that is suitable and we can use it every day. Also, please select appropriate toothbrushes, try not to choose toothbrushes with too hard bristles because you can injure your gums.


Who would have thought that a strawberry can be used to prevent teeth from yellowing the teeth turn and protects us from the color and temperature of the beverage. Use a strawberry when drinking coffee, tea, or other beverages that may affect the color of your teeth. This can prevent direct exposure to substances that exist in the enamel on teeth with beverages. The existing color of the substance in coffee and tea can be deposited in the teeth and eventually cause stains on the enamael teeth. This will cause the stain teeth to turn yellow if they left remain. The coffee or the hot tea to drink with the strawberry is a strange thing, but if you can make the teeth white and healthy we stayed why not?

Drink milk

Consuming dairy products especially plain milk or sterile milk without the extra flavors and coloring can help keep the teeth white and still prevent the teeth from becoming yellow. The natural color of white milk and the calcium it contains not only makes our teeth strong and healthy, but they are white. The color substances in the milk can remove the stains that stick to the tooth enamel and restore the natural color of the teeth. Choose pure dairy products with no added sugar or other addictive substances and use at least twice a day.

Drink warm or cold milk in fact delicious but also note that the temperature of the beverage can affect the color and damage the enamel layer on the teeth. Therefore, we recommend the consumption of milk in case of not too hot and not too cold.
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Avoid smoking and drinking alc*ohol

Smoking tobacco is derived from nicotine-containing plants. Substances nicotine in cigarettes may adhere to the tooth enamel layer and eventually cause stains on the enamel layer. Stains that adhere to the teeth will accumulate and cover the natural color of the teeth so that the color of the teeth will turn yellow.

The same goes for cigarettes, drinks contain alc*ohol such as beer or wine can cause teeth to become yellow and hard to remove. If you don't want to have yellow teeth, then you should stop the habit of smoking and drinking alco*hol begins from now on. Also, stop drinking alc*ohol and smoking will not only make your teeth healthy, but also prevent you from a wide range of illnesses, including cancer and heart attacks.

Now, you know what causes yellow teeth and how does the way the prevention of yellow teeth. Don't let your teeth change color to cause damage.


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