When You Brush Your Teeth, The Right Time To Clean Your Teeth

When You Brush Your Teeth, The Right Time To Clean Your Teeth

When Should You Brush Your Teeth? Many argue about the time of brushing teeth, some hold that brush teeth before eating is the best. But on the other hand is also stated to brush teeth is best after a meal. There are many are recommending time brushing your teeth after breakfast and before bedtime. Where is the best times suggested?

Yet almost everyone brushing teeth in the morning and at night, the time of day the morning is after breakfast and in the evening before going to sleep. So that the teeth are always to be clean you can add toothbrush time i.e. after lunch (but this is rarely done by people due to busyness).

Well, when should you brush your teeth? The answer is after breakfast and before bed, why? Here's the explanation.

Brushing Your Teeth After Breakfast

Brushing your teeth in the morning is still poorly understood by most people. Since the small we hear that information in one day we need to brush teeth twice, before and after a night of sleep. Before going to bed is correct. But after waking up immediately the toothbrush was less accurate.

It is less accurate because before the bed your teeth already cleaned. Automatic conditions of the mouth cavity and teeth are clean. More than 8 hours of sleep, no food. When you wake up in the morning they are still clean.

The right time to brush your teeth is before bed and after having breakfast. You don't brush your teeth right after you eat and leave for an hour then you rub teeth. It aims to provide an opportunity for our digestive system, especially in the mouth cavity, to work optimally.

Brushing Teeth Before Going To Bed The Night

The leftovers of food and drink during the whole day may accumulate in the mouth cavity. Although it looks clean, it may just be leftover tucked between the teeth.

Don't let the rest of the food and drink carry to bed because it can cause a lot of losses. One of them can lead to the appearance of tar and cavities.

Then we suggest before going to bed at night, take the time to brush the teeth. So that the leftovers and recent drinks are clean, so that the bacteria don't get to dinner. So the reproduction of bacteria in the mouth is more discouraging.

The right time to brush your teeth

You just need two weeks to get used to brush your teeth before going to bed tonight. Originally probably feels heavy because you have grown accustomed to. But if done for 2 weeks non-stop, will be so good habits.
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Brushing Your Teeth After Lunch

When you are not enough brushing your teeth twice a day, you can brush your teeth after lunch. For as you are done eating, definitely a lot of leftovers that stick to the teeth and mouth. Therefore in order to make your teeth to be clean and healthy, so always brushing your teeth after lunch.

How To Ensure The Dental Health

For dental care, you have to go to the dentist at least 6 months. This is to ensure the health of the teeth, or to clean up the grime that is hard to clean up such as Tartar and other stuff, because if not cleaned dirt will accumulate and progressively more difficult to clean up.

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Dental hygiene means you are concerned with the dental health and overall health of your body.


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