What Causes Insomnia

What Causes Insomnia

People who suffer from insomnia will have less fit body condition on the next day, this is because the lack of sleep. Insomnia is a condition in which a person has difficulty to sleep despite having been forced, or people who can't sleep time required when have time to sleep. So your body feels limp, less passionate and head feels dizzy.

The dream is not aware of the circumstances that occur naturally in order to allow your body to rest. During sleep, the body is going through an alternating cycle between the rapid sleep of the ocular movement (rapid eye Movement/REM) and the non-rapid eye movement (non-rapid/non-REM eye movement). You may be going through four or five sleep cycles in one night. A sleep cycle lasts approximately 90 minutes. Beginning with the 4 stages of the non-REM sleep consisting of a light sleep to sleep on. and continued with REM sleep where this is in the dream process happen.

One study concluded that the number of insomnia cases in developing countries including my country reaches 150 million cases in 2010. The same study states that among the eight researched countries, my country has little insomnia, i.e. 3.9 percent for men, and 4.6 percent for women.

What is Insomnia symptoms?

It is difficult to determine the size of a normal sleep because sleep needs vary for each person. It is influenced by age, lifestyle, environment and diet. The symptoms of insomnia are the most common of which are:
  1. Waking up in the evening or early morning and cannot go back to sleep.
  2. Sleep with problems.
  3. You cannot sleep even if your body is tired.
  4. Feeling tired, irritable, difficult to concentrate, and cannot do well in activities during the day.
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What is Insomnia Causes?

There are several factors the causes of insomnia that ultimately led to insomnia condition in quite a long period of time. Starting with the lifestyle and comfort of the room, the room, up to the result of interference from psychology, physical health problems, and the side effects of drugs.

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How to diagnose Insomnia?

There are some things you can ask doctors in an effort to diagnose insomnia, including:
  1. Medicines you can consume
  2. The portion of your sport
  3. Health history (diseases that can sting)
  4. Your sleep routinely
  5. A bad lifestyle, like the habit of drinking coffee or excessive liquor
In addition, your doctor will also ask you to create a sleep diary for at least two weeks. This step can help doctors understand sleep patterns and measure the severity of their insomnia.

Some of the information you should enter into a sleep diary usually includes the time needed to get to sleep, how much you just start to sleep, how many times you woke up at night, and how you wake up. Complete information will help doctors cope with insomnia than appropriately.
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How To Insomnia Treatment

In the treatment of insomnia, the first thing a doctor does to find out what the cause is. If insomnia is based on certain patterns of life habits or unhealthy, then physicians will advise patients to fix it. If insomnia is caused by health problems (for example, anxiety disorders), then the doctor will first deal with the conditions that underlie the anxiety.

In some cases of insomnia, doctors will advise patients to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy can help patients change their behavior and thinking patterns that affect their sleep. If it is considered necessary, your doctor may prescribe sleeping pills for some time. Sleeping pills It's just a temporary solution. Addressing the symptoms of insomnia without looking for a solution to root causes, but rarely succeeds completely.


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