What Causes Diabetes, You Should Avoid

What Causes Diabetes, You Should Avoid

Excessive sugar levels in the blood become the major cause of diabetes, in which the sugar is absorbed from food cannot be converted into energy or other substances needed by the body due to lack of insulin. This is the source of the emergence of the disease diabetes. Most people assumed that diabetes is caused by genetic factors, it is certainly true that diabetes is more at risk on a generation.

In fact, besides the descendants still there are many factors that can increase the risk of diabetes as a wrong diet and bad behaviour. Bad habits are also very influential in the risk of diabetes. Well, to prevent diabetes from the beginning, you have to know what the cause of diabetes is. Factor causes diabetes you need to beware of is as follows:

Factor Causes Diabetes


Genetic or hereditary factors have a major contribution to the risk of developing diabetes. Someone with a diabetes line will have a six times greater risk of non-descendants.

Often drink sweet tea

The explanation is simple. High sugar intake causes blood sugar levels to rise. However, the risk of excess calories. A glass of sweet tea contains approximately 250-300 calories (depending on density). The caloric needs of the average adult woman are 1,900 calories per day (depending on the activity). Since the sweet tea we can already 1000-1200 calories. However, in addition to three rice meals with accompanying dishes. It should be presumed if every day we get excess calories. Extremes: Obesity and diabetes.

Body weight (obesity)

Obesity can cause a person's body to be experiencing insulin resistance. Body cells compete with fatty tissue to absorb insulin. As a result of the organ of the pancreas will be stimulated to produce insulin, as many of this organ is depleted and finally broke.

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The contraceptive pill

Most contraceptive pill are made from a combination of estrogen and progestin hormones, or progestin-only. The combined pill often causes changes in blood sugar levels. An expert opinion that hormone contraceptive pills work in comparison to the functioning of insulin. Because the insulin-counter work, the pancreas is forced to work harder to produce insulin. If left too long, the pancreas will be fatigued and not functioning properly.

Age getting older

Age of more than 40 years the body begins to experience insulin sensitivity. Women experiencing menopause also had a tendency to be less sensitive to insulin hormone.

Quality of sleep is not good

If the quality of the sleep is not obtained, the metabolism so distracted. The results of the research of experts of the University of Chicago reveals, the lack of sleep for 3 days resulted in the capacity of the body to process the glucose decreased drastically. This means that the risk of diabetes increases. Lack of sleep can also stimulate a type of hormone in the blood that triggers the appetite. Hunger-driven, diseased sleep disorders triggered by eating calorie-rich foods that make blood sugar levels rise.

Shortage of probiotics

When you are not very frequently consuming foods containing probiotics, then do not get used to not meeting probiotic intake. Good bacteria are absolutely necessary by the body because the known under probiotic thus incurs in inflammatory causing insulin resistance in the body.

Tip: So that the body needs are good bacteria or probiotics maintained and fulfilled, the consumption of yogurt and some type of cheese so that the levels of probiotic in the body increase naturally. The stomach requires good bacteria so that the digestive system will become softer too, so there are many advantages that can be gained in addition to reducing the risk of diabetes.

Eating sugary foods over

Foods that contain glucose or sugar are in fact very useful to increase a person's power. But consuming foods that are sweet in excessive amounts can increase blood sugar levels. And of course it is very sugary the excess of consumption of food allows to increase the risk of the person to develop diabetes.

Lazy Physical Activity

Lack of physical activity in factors large enough for someone to experience obesity and weaken the work of vital organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys, and pancreas as well. Do regular exercise for at least 30 minutes three times a week.


Acid smoking proved to be a cause of negative effects on health and nature is very complex. Including against the risk a person susceptible to diabetes mellitus disease.

Soda drinking

of a number of existing researches, it has shown that an increased risk of obesity is not the only one with consumption of soda is excessive. The risk of any diabetes is high when all this was caused by the presence of a sweetener contained in each product foamy beverages.


The habit causes diabetes is due to excessive feeding. Everything if consumed in excess definitely has a negative effect on the health of the body. One that is exaggerated in eating foods that contain cholesterol. In addition, it can interfere with heart performance, cholesterol that accumulates in the body can also lead to diabetes. Therefore, to avoid these illnesses they begin to eat healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

That's some of the causes of diabetes you must avoid so that you are free from the diabetes disease. So not only the hereditary factors that cause diabetes but lifestyle and eating patterns are highly influential.


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