Tooth Decay Treatment Tips

Tooth Decay Treatment Tips

If your teeth are already damaged inevitably you must provide extra dental care than people who do not have dental complaints. Already damaged teeth also can result in the onset of other complaints swollen teeth, jaw pain, sinusitis and could even spread to the heart. You have to be careful against teeth broken and must treat so as not increase severe.

This damaged tooth condition should get medical help immediately get treatment. Ask your dentist how to do dental care is damaged the most appropriate. Teeth broken at first because the cavities and teeth gradually re-established intact become corrupted may be living a half or just left behind the teeth roots only. When all that's left is only the root of the teeth alone should do the lifting gear.

Damaged teeth can still be treated so as not to inflict pain, the better you take care of your teeth. How to care for a tooth is damaged, the following are tips to take care of teeth are damaged.

  • If the hole is still small, it is usually not seen as a hole, but in the form of dark spots on the surface, which is usually not to pain. But this is the beginning of tooth decay "hole of teeth". If you immediately have a consultation with the dentist, it can patch directly.
  • If a hole is so wide and deep and still grows in the layer of the tooth, email will begin to cause dull pain and pain when there is stimulation of food sugar. Your dentist can suggest when still patches, sometimes you have to be treated first.
  • If not handled, the process can be continued in step 2, and the hole is getting larger and reaches dental bone (dentin). Teeth begin to cause pain when there is stimulation of the cold and in the end is also injured against heat stimulation. Sara dentists can still patch, but should be treated first.
  • Well, finally the pulp "neural" dental inflammation, as well as a tooth aches hard enough and continuous, even if the position of the body lying or asleep. The dentist may have advice that could still mend, but the nerves of the tooth should be turned off first, then maintained, and finally new patches.
  • When it left, gradually became a dead tooth and does not cause the pain again, whereas caries is still underway. Your dentist may suggest, sometimes still treated and cared for Endodontic then get and patched. While networking gear is being exhausted, undermined and looks the tooth is black because the hole was so big.
  • If left, this process end dental infections can festering abscess and accompanied by swelling of chewing gum on the cheek pad.
  • Generally, the teeth have begun to shake, due to the loss of bone tissue that is the pendant. Well, dental care for conditions like these usually needs to be revoked.
  • If the wound is healed, the revocation can be made dentures or wrong.

The only overcoming cavities: with how to treat, care for and patch if it is still possible. When it is too late, it was forced to be pulled out.
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  1. Sometimes it is teeth hidden holes it is located so it is difficult to see, even if you have experienced a strange thing on your teeth.
  2. Always too late to treat the teeth already, so the longer treatment, even the more time, effort and effort is wasted.
  3. If you leave your teeth red, The influence of the cavities will against the health of the body. There is a theory called focal infection, can be briefly described if cavities and it rots then without care left and revoke, can cause abnormalities in other parts of the body, such as disorders of Eye vision, amid, anomalies in the heart, kidneys and anomalies may occur in other parts of the body. In addition, the teeth decay will cause bad breath.

That's a few steps for Tooth Decay Treatment, don't let your teeth damage getting worse because it may cause health complaints in other parts of the body.


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