Sleep Deprivation Symptoms

Sleep Deprivation Symptoms

Sleep Deprivation Symptoms – Sleep in enough time will mean good quality of sleep, time tiidur in a day at least 7-8 hours. The demands of the activity of the seemingly incessant and often makes people less rest. They only spent 5 – 5 hours per day. Disorders of sleep deprivation is also caused by factors caused by many things. Most of the adults, they just took the time to sleep 5-6 hours per day.

Our bodies need a rest and time to repair the tissues in the body. Most people ignore the symptoms of lack of sleep. In our brain, the cerebral cortex is still busy, overseeing several tasks that make us ready for the next day.

Lack of sleep symptoms

  • Lack of sleep also affects a person's memory, logical thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. It also makes the person unable to perform tasks and activities. This is one of the symptoms often seen between students and youth.
  • A sign of lack of sleep was weight gain. Very poor sleep associated with obesity.
  • The most common symptoms experienced by everyone that lack of sleep is eyelids, heavy and cloudy. The eyes look watery and it seemed as if there was something penetrating eyes to feel pain in the eye.
  • Some other symptoms of sleep deprivation are dizziness, headache, impaired mind, or difficulty speaking or understanding, stress, confusion, and severe anxiety.
  • Other symptoms are rheumatic pain in the body and constipation. Lack of sleep affects the body and causes extreme fatigue. As a result, some people experience hallucinations and nightmares.
  • People who lack sleep increase the risk of rapid death of cardiovascular disease. They have serious health problems such as heart attacks, diabetes, irregular heart rate, and high blood pressure.
  • Someone will yawn excessively all day feeling very tired. It can also be reduced in concentrate and will have mood changes that are easily offended.
  • The skin will wrinkle the affected lines, began to appear with dark circles under the eyes.
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Lack of sleep makes our bodies limp and less excited, not enough that's it if you lack of sleep can also cause dangerous diseases. Therefore, from now on you do not forget to sleep in and wake up early to bed early then it will make your body healthier, wealthier and wiser.
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