Proper Tooth Brushing Is Very Important

Proper Tooth Brushing Is Very Important

The wrong way of brushing teeth will be dirty and can cause cavities.

Brushing your teeth is aiming to clean up the dirt that clings to teeth, gums and tongue. When you brushed your teeth should also be rubbing the gums and tongue, this is to clean up the grime and bacteria that attached to both. How brushing your teeth don't you think is easy, for brushing your teeth needed the technique so that dirt on the teeth completely clean from dirt.

Many of the information that we have always been diligent for brushing your teeth, but the bit that gives information about the way the right brushing your teeth. Although brushing your teeth have already done every day, even 3 times in a day the results are insufficient if brushing your teeth that are less precise. Error in brushing your teeth can cause the dirt piled up to cause cavities, tartar or damaged, swollen gums and others. This is because due to impurities that gear has not been removed.

The correct way of brushing your teeth it is important you know because it relates to dental health. Before you start brushing your teeth, you should prepare a toothbrush and toothpaste. Choose a toothbrush that has the form in accordance with the mouth or toothbrush recommended by a doctor. While choose toothpaste that contains flouride.

The right toothbrush will easily reach the deepest parts of the teeth and does not injure the gums. In addition to the form of toothbrush, toothbrush handle must also be comfortable held to make it more comfortable when brushing your teeth. Before you start brushing your teeth, you can start by rubbing parts of the tongue. Rub the tongue is to cleanse the bacteria that stick to the tongue. Rub it slowly and gently so as not to injure the teeth, tongue and gums. After brushing the tongue, then brushing, following the steps of proper brushing your teeth.

The Correct Way Of Brushing Teeth
  • Place the toothbrush on the surface of the teeth near the edge of the gums with a 45 degree angle forming position. Start by brushing the posterior teeth or molars on one side of the mouth. Brush with a circular motion up and down for about 20 seconds for each section.
  • Brush the teeth of each section, starting with the part of the tooth that is commonly used for chewing, teeth that are near the cheek and tongue. Make sure that all surfaces of the teeth are already brushed, so plaque or leftover food stuck in the teeth can be lost.
  • To clean the surface of the tooth in the front, hold a toothbrush in a vertical position or use the tip of the toothbrush heads, then brush it with a circular motion from the edge of the gum to Top Gear. Repeat this movement as much as 2-3 times.
  • Change the pattern of tooth brushes if necessary. Sometimes, brush your teeth in the same way to create a part other neglected teeth.
  • When brushing teeth starts from the upper molars, then part of the sweep late on the lower molars. The duration of time for brushing your teeth all over the approximately 2-3 minutes and only then gurgle to clean teeth.
  • Do not brush your teeth too hard or even pressure on your teeth, because this will cause painful teeth and gums. Brushing your teeth too hard actually doesn't help clean teeth better, too. This can lead to the outer surface of the teeth (enamel), and this is the origin of the sensitive teeth.
  • Brushing teeth with straight (instead of circular) is not an effective way to clean the teeth. Brushing your teeth with straight movements in a long time can cause permanent damage to the gums.
How To Make Sure Your Teeth Are Clean After Brushed

After you brush your teeth to find out if the teeth are clean, it is to feel the teeth themselves. It's just like hell. Touch teeth with the tongue, it is smooth or not. The surface of the teeth, which already clean tooth means smooth. However, if the surface of the teeth still feels rough, it means there is still residual plaque that sticks to the teeth. Make sure that the entire surface of the tooth is already brushed.

In addition to attention to the stages of cleaning the teeth, along with the changing times, the toothbrush has ever been in a variety of models. Since its first creation in the 1930s, the modern toothbrush design has undergone repair and improvisation. And in the 90s came the electric toothbrush, so the answer for those who are lazy brushing your teeth.
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Advantages and disadvantages of using a regular Toothbrush and Electric

Using Regular toothbrush

The advantage of using a regular toothbrush:
  • Effective cleaning of teeth when done with the right techniques. Brush your teeth properly clean it only takes two minutes and the oral hygiene and optimal teeth can only be achieved with a regular toothbrush. Don't worry about wrong action because everything is controlled manually. Pressure when using a toothbrush, so that the pressure on the teeth is not exaggerated, where excessive pressure on the teeth can cause tooth enamel, pain, increased sensitivity of the teeth, and an increased risk of tooth decay.
  • Cheap and practical, with a manual toothbrush, needed to keep hygienic brush itself is simply the need to cover the brush heads, where some product manual toothbrush on the market are already equipped with this function. Manual toothbrush is too cheap and can be purchased anywhere. To memorize only regular toothbrush replaces every three months.
  • There are many variations of the product, the manual toothbrush is available in several model choices with different functions, types of brushes brush, shape of the head, the non-color that you choose as you want. Voters brush toothbrush, soft for sensitive teeth, and a small brush head when the mouth is small. Several brands of each manual toothbrush, the children's version of the function and the same model.
Disadvantages of using a regular toothbrush:
  • Need additional manpower and time of manual toothbrush, relies on the user to be able to effectively clean the plaque on the teeth. In addition to the need to understand the true techniques of effective brushes of your teeth, there are efforts to clean the brush back and forth in your mouth teeth. The problem, sometimes because the hunting time, brushing your teeth just gradually became so no cleaner.
  • In addition, with a manual toothbrush, the user does not have to guess how long does not brush their teeth. Too long the risk of bleeding gums and teeth is damaged by the flakes of enamel.

Using Electric toothbrush

The advantage of using electric brush:

  • Suitable for children and people with disabilities movement, using an electric toothbrush that should be done only by positioning the brush at an angle of 45 degrees and let the brush work itself. Electric toothbrush can be a tool that facilitates the daily routine for people who have difficulty with their hands, for example for seniors and those who recommend arthritis or if doctors use an electric toothbrush because it is considered a manual toothbrush is not maximum.
  • Effective reduction of plaque and gingivitis, compared with regular toothbrush, electric toothbrush proved to be a potent plaque 21 percent more and reduces the risk of gingivitis (inflammation of gums) to 11 percent-and at the same time improve the health of your gums — after 3 months of regular use especially when using an electric toothbrush, the rotation function uses oscillation (brush rotates back and forth at the same time).
  • There is a timer and need not rub too hard, so a cleaner, brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush, the softness of the pressure on the gums and teeth can be arranged. Teeth cleaning time can also be arranged. Many of the electric toothbrush product, which is a built-in timer that will automatically stop the brush's rotation once the time has elapsed.
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Disadvantages of using electric toothbrush:
  • The price is expensive, the price of an electric teeth significantly more expensive than ordinary toothbrush. Electric toothbrush heads must also be exchanged as often as possible, just like a manual toothbrush. Foot, much of the electric toothbrush directs this reserve sold separately. So be prepared to provide additional costs. In addition, this tool contains devices that are fragile. Use should be careful because if parts are damaged, the cost of any treatment is expensive.
  • Not practical, electric toothbrushes tend to be larger sizes so difficult is stored in a bag or suitcase on travels. In addition, the battery should always be prepared as an emergency backup and should not forget to carry the charger anywhere the toothbrush was taken.
  • Increase the number of bacteria in the blood, some studies find that using an electric toothbrush can increase the amount of bacteria in the bloodstream, exceed the manual toothbrush. Of course, this will not be a risk for people who are healthy and immune to a primer. But it could increase the likelihood that the infection is likely to acquire potential dangers in the heart for people who have certain heart disease.
So how to brush our teeth, brush our teeth is very important because it is related closely to the health of the teeth.


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