How To Test For Diabetes, Do You Have Diabetes Or Not

How To Test For Diabetes, Do You Have Diabetes Or Not


Diabetes including types of illnesses suffered by many of the world's population, this may be due to diabetes there are related to habit or pattern of life. Humans need carbohydrates to digest and absorbed later changed into energy. Energy is needed by every human being to perform all daily activities. Besides eating sweet foods and beverages can not be avoided, so that every day you son got sweet intake.

Most people do not care how much the rate of intake of carbohydrate is needed by the body. most people only see the benefits of carbohydrates just never thought about side effects. And finally the diabetes disease arises where this disease one of the harmful disease.

Because that is very important for us to be attentive to the types of illnesses in this case, a way that is to say, ensuring in advance how the condition of our body that is really about the levels of sugar circulating in our bloodstream, if it is normal, less than normal, or excess normal numbers it makes so it positive diabetes never officially united as the state of information about the health of our body.

For that article this time we will discuss the different ways in which we are able to try to find out and make sure how the status of diabetes in our bodies, whether positive or negative:

# Diabetes recognition

To make sure that we are affected by diabetes or not the main thing to do is add to knowledge, as well as dig as much information as to what is truly a diabetes disease, we can consult with medical experts, share with your colleagues or relatives through chat or not less effective than you can simply write on your search engine and all information about diabetes can also direct you begin to learn.

And here is a list of some of the basic information about diabetes disease that you know from the beginning:

Definition of diabetes

It is important for you to know exactly what the meaning of diabetes itself is and in what body condition it can be called has a tendency to have diabetes. Diabetes also interpreted that in the body of the victim there are a number of disparities between the levels of sugar in the bloodstream with insulin levels in the victim's body.

Putting it this way in all human beings, to put it simply requires the intake of nutritional foods to meet the needs of the energy processed in the body to support the work of the body, as well as in our daily activities, we ate a variety of carbohydrate content intake in a wide range of heavy foods and sugared foods in order to make our bodies strong and well-fed for.

But here is precisely what happens in the body of this is to say, diabetics caloric intake in the form of sugar that was not transformed into energy due to the inability of insulin to do its job, later led to the sugar in the blood tends to accumulate always at high levels and we call it with the symptoms of diabetes.

The definition of type 1 diabetes

Surely there is a certain division of diabetes disease itself, i.e. the first type of type 1 diabetes can usually attack at any age especially since the age of the children. It is in fact indicates that the abnormality has occurred from the beginning of the execution of insulin or even does not work at all since the birth of the baby, this, of course, led to an accumulation of blood sugar levels can not be avoided any longer.

Definition: Type 2 diabetes

For the next type is to say type 2 diabetes a development-attacking disease is likely to occur in people with more mature age groups.

At first someone was born with the normal function of insulin and perfect, but somehow because of the age factor, poor lifestyle, as well as the lack of control over eating healthy foods, then insulin performance can be worse so it is no longer able to control the amount of sugar in the bloodstream.

# Knowing the symptoms of diabetes

For the sake of knowing the state of diabetes in your body, in the early stages you can try to feel, as well as analyze the condition of your own body, then try to you to conclude if you are actually suffering from somebody symptoms that may be usually a sign of the possibility of the existence of a tendency to diabetes in your body. , simply consider the following features of a list and began to match with the upper body you feel that you do. (Read : Diabetes Sign).

Before that we must look at the main we imagine about the levels of sugar that accumulates and happens to all the flow in the blood vessels, then we can be sure that the flow of blood will be more and more loaded with the existence of a lot of sugar and make it worse the longer the pile of sugar flow in the blood that would be released to the whole network of organs , which means that diabetes or sugar is stacked will undoubtedly affect the entire limb that passed the blood vessels without exception one. The following symptoms of diabetes:


So many blood sugar levels of diabetics were able to have an impact on the growth of the increasingly wild bacteria, because in general the sugar itself is the main source of energy so if there are bacteria in the blood that is full of sugar it is easier the more the bacteria to a growing race, this could lead to enlarge.

The skin wounds are increasingly severe, some patients also complained of the presence of dryness of the skin caused by the instability of the sweat glands in the skin due to the presence of excess sugar in the blood.


Well, as we mentioned at the beginning that all this is based on the flow of blood vessels that stack the loaded sugar, this causes the blood flow to decrease and decrease smoothly, the oxygen supply to the brain can be interrupted and automatically reduced, this can give symptoms of dizziness or weakness, quick and easy emotion to the psychic conditions of diabetics.

Hydration Systems

For the sake of relieving the kidneys in the filtering of the thick blood with sugar, the body will absorb more water network to lead to the area of the kidney at the time of filtering the blood, this resulting in diabetics tends to urinary urination in more often and much more than the amount of water taken, lack of fluid network program causes ever thirsty diabetics.


The presence of excess sugar in the blood will force the heart to work harder than normal, it is able to give symptoms such as frequent heartbeats more toned and occasionally trigger the appearance of excessive sweat, if left constantly is going to be a cause of fatal organ for the health of the heart.


The presence of excess sugar in the bloodstream to the organs of the eye can cause opacity when seen, it is caused by the sugar particles are even able to influence the shape and focus of the lens of the victim's eye, if the sugar levels control the eyes could be recovered so easily, but if undervalued and sugar levels are always left high all the time then permanent blindness can be a risk to its worst.

The nervous system

The presence of a substance in high blood sugar can be allowed to slowly damage the function of the nervous system, this will give a feeling of numb symptoms, tingling, cramps are often mainly at night as diabetics are asleep.

The kidneys are very closely related to the blood components to filter and then make the elimination of residual substances through the urine, the presence of excess sugar in the blood is capable of damaging the renal organs, even to the point of failing the kidneys, urine usually any diabetics tend to invite the ants to come due to high levels of sugar is wasted on it.

Metabolic system

I'm sure there's a system of metabolic disorder, whereas sugar can't be converted into energy, diabetics will constantly feel hungry fast, while nutrients are wasted go directly ate casually passing urine without any converted into energy or absorbed into the body, as the bloody instead of diabetics taking energy from fat reserves before , that's why most of them are so fast to be very skinny without reasonable excuse, plus the process of fat reserves ketoacidosis will usually give a sign of bad breath that the sick resemble fruit.

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# A Medical Examination On A Regular Basis

For the sake of giving more certainty about the status of your diabetes, then it is highly recommended for you are likely to experience a variety of symptoms that resemble the characteristics of diabetes to perform a series of medical controls as follows:

Check the Blood

To know with certainty how your sugar levels then firstly you can perform a series of checks on blood examination of kinds as follows:

Fasting sugar

To do this type of blood tests that are required for fasting of all sugary foods containing carbohydrates are more or less over 8 to 10 hours, you can start fast from night to bed and then do a test lab in the morning are ideally, the fast range of blood sugar value that is normal between 70 to 100 mg/dl.

2 hours post table sugars or after eating

The following up for the sake of the full blood sugar checks you do also check the blood two hours immediately after you eat the rice, its normal value is usually distanced from 70 to 125 mg/dl.

Random sugar

But if it is not possible for you to make fast carbohydrates before a check lab then you can still make blood sugar checks a random course with a more minimal accuracy to be used as a reference comparison of blood sugar values, usually a result varies normally between 120 to 140 mg/dl.


Specifically for blood sugar check that this is done only once every three months, he agrees with the age of the reference of the life of red blood cells in the body, that we can calculate the blood sugar levels that bind to the surface of the proteins these cells live along the erythrocytes , this inspection is recommended as a step to control the levels of sugar to the positive patients of diabetes.

Urine check

In addition to blood, checks for urine lab test can also be recommended for knowledge of the sugar levels in the blood stream that wasted in the urine after going from filtering the blood sugar level results later, your urine will be plastered on the touching urine sticks in the form of a density and color scale according to the amount of sugar in She.
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# Managing Diabetes

Once you make sure how much you blood sugar levels, so it's good that you begin to understand about some of the ways that you can do in order to manage and control your blood sugar levels, in fact in the middle of all this is just about the amount of the balance of intake and energy in case you spend a moment, consider the following tips:


Of course, there is a possibility that a doctor will recommend you to consume drugs, to handle the sugar levels you could consume drug pills or insulin injections do if necessary, the most important thing is you should stay disciplined and the most diligent to add penetration and consultation with a medical expert to seek the most effective management for your diabetes.


When your sugar levels, try to control your consumption of all sweet things good food or beverages that contain carbohydrates, especially high, they multiply just eat any kind of vegetable soup, it's a good thing because the vegetable fiber makes you feel full more time, digestion, and it certainly should be most of the low sugar levels if compared with the fruit or other heavy foods.


Keep the balance of your healthy food diet with gestures ranging from a soft but routine, it is very possible to fix the system of your metabolism, your body will feel healthier and fit, the possibility of improving insulin can be treated with a fixed physique and psychic health manage through the routine gestures in this.
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How To Test For Diabetes is the best way to detect whether you have diabetes or not as well as efforts to prevention.


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