How To Prevent Cavities, Powerful And Naturally

How To Prevent Cavities, Powerful And Naturally

Perforated teeth will cause pain, so if your teeth are still intact not to suffer because of cavities. Cavities are often suffered by children because of the lack of attention of parents against the children's dental hygiene. However, sufferers of cavities are not only experienced by children, but adults as well as many that have cavities.

Cavities should not be taken lightly especially upper perforated teeth, for cavities that already many years can result in chronic diseases such as heart and stroke. This risk will be even greater when you have a family history that ever suffered a heart or stroke. Cavities are hard to overcome, which is highly recommended when you have cavities are always keep clean. Cavities that last a long time will make teeth become brittle and live roots of teeth, well this is what will cause tremendous pain.

The main trigger for cavities is a type of sugar or sweet taste of foods and beverages such as candy, chocolate, sweet bread and so on. The sugar stuck to the teeth and not immediately cleaned up, eventually became a hotbed of bacteria. The rest of the sweet foods cause acidic substances which will damage the outer teeth to cavities. Well how to prevent cavities, but not harmful to the health of the body. Do some of the following ways.

Brushing teeth correctly and regularly

Brush your teeth regularly helps clean the remains left on the margin. In general, brush your teeth to do at the time that morning after breakfast and in the evenings when before going to bed. In this way it is also not simple to effectively remove leftover nutrients that are potentially damaging to the email of teeth.
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Don't consume more sugary foods

Reducing the intake of diabetic foods is a great way to prevent the most effective cavities. Diabetic foods are very easy to stick. The content of glucose in the foods helped ruin the tooth and exacerbate the email cavities.

Don't eating sticky foods more

Sticky foods such as candy, chocolate, bread, biscuits, meat and the like and often caught in between teeth and undigested saliva, it should also be avoided as potentially damaging to email of teeth and between tooth and cavities cause.

Always try to gurgle every finish eating foods that are sweet and sticky as well. And don't forget to always brush your teeth before going to bed, because bacteria usually germinate while we sleep at night.

How To Heal Cavities Naturally

Use the toothbrush recommended by Dentist

The matching toothbrush will be able to sweep away the residue on the dental margin. But if the brush size is too large compared to the tooth and mouth, then a lot of the rest of foods are not clean.
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See a doctor regularly

When the tooth is often churning out food and lots of leftovers, it is hard to remove and cause cavities, then consult the doctor immediately in order not to get worse.

Using lime juice

Other natural methods that are strong enough to treat the cavities is drinking lime juice. Vitamin C contained in lemon juice can relieve pain in the tooth cavities.

Using garlic

Garlic has antibiotic properties that are very useful for anti-germs.

Here's how to do this:
  1. Take one of the cloves and then mash the garlic so smooth it
  2. Add a bit of salt and then mix it up evenly
  3. Apply to the part of the tooth that hurts
  4. Repeat on a regular basis until the toothache have disappeared
Do the patching or revoke the teeth

A dental patching is an option that should be done. If the holes are too large and do not allow to do tinkering, then the last method is to revoke the tooth.
What happen if you don't brush your teeth
Using clove oil

Spray clove oil to the cotton then paste on the teeth that hurt. Clove oil is useful to lessen the pain of decay because it contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and useful to neutralize the anaesthesia properties of tooth pain.

That's some natural ways to prevent cavities, did you know cavities causing incredible pain so don't until you feel it, OK.


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