How To Make Your Gums Stronger, Eat These Foods

How To Make Your Gums Stronger, Eat These Foods

Healthy and strong gums make you comfortable when chewing food, it'll make your appetite decreased and painful when used to chew food. From there, you have to take care of the gums to stay healthy. How to make stronger and healthier gums?

Take care of your gums to stay healthy you should be diligent in cleaning the mouth by way of diligent brushing teeth and get used to rinse after meals.

In addition for brushing teeth and gargle to treat dental health, you should also pay attention to any intake of the body which can impact positively on the gums and teeth. The following is the types of good food to make gums more powerful.

Drink green Tea

Green tea contains materials from complex compounds. These materials are useful to combat inflammation and prevent you from bacterial infection. In Japan, drinkers of green tea have been shown to be able to avoid periodontal disease.

Eating garlic

When you consume raw, garlic has anti-bacterial materials that are able to prevent tooth damage from being like cavities.

Eat nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are the source of plant protein and contain micro nutrient required for teeth such as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc and calcium as well. Calcium is required to strengthen the bones and teeth.

Eating strawberries and kiwi

Vitamin C contained in strawberries is very important for the health of your gums, because vitamin C helps to form collagen. Your periodontal collagen will become soft and can make you escape from periodontal disease. While Kiwi and holding properties that can make your teeth color become brighter.

Eating foods containing Levi

Foods that are high in fiber content will have a function of ' rubbing ' your teeth in order to be always clean. Chewing rich foods in fibers can also offset the formation of the plaque on the teeth.
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Eating mushrooms

Fungi, especially the dirty mushrooms, contain letanan or natural sugars that help to prevent gingivitis.

That's the kind of food you should consume in order teeth and gums stronger naturally. As well as avoid some foods that can trigger on tooth decay.

Always keep the dental hygiene is key so that your mouth is healthy, keep your smile beautiful and charming.


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