How To Lose Stomach Fat Men

How To Lose Stomach Fat Men

It's not just women who want to have a lean and healthy body, men also want to have a slender body. The problems are often feared by many men is to have a belly, belly is caused by many factors such as a bad habit, smoking, eating at night, sleeping after meals, lack of exercise, consuming high-calorie foods and more. In addition the habits that can trigger belly is a sitting position too long, and less physical activity.

The guy who has the belly looks less attractive, even confidence down when in front of the woman. Many men who stress because of the belly is not lost, more sinister that the belly was the contribution of heart disease. Therefore, if you have belly soon do to lose belly. Below some tips lose belly fat men.

Lose Belly Fat For Men

# Foods To Lose Stomach Fat Men

One of the great influences of the belly is the food. So you have to choose every food you want to eat. Some types of foods that help to lose fat belly men are:

Drinking coffee and green tea

The caffeine content that is in the coffee can increase the metabolism up to almost 10% and can burn fat with large numbers. Green tea can also reduce the absorption of fat and helps the circulation of glucose.

Reduce Fat meal

Fried foods, butter and cheese are foods that contain a lot of fat. So now avoid those foods and replace it with foods that contain more fibers.


Fresh apples, they can lose their belly. Because in the skin of apples contain pectin. Pectin can reduce the incidence of fat on the stomach because pectin was simply absorption of fat hinder the digestive tract and the pectin also absorb the water that is in the eating. So Apple could be a healthy diet to reduce the stomach. But, not only apples, bananas, grapes and oranges, could help reduce fat on yur body.

How To Lose Stomach Fat Men

Reduce food consumption before you sleep

Eating while sleeping will make you want to collect fat on your body. Because? Because during sleep after meals, sleeping on your back makes the digestion process difficult to digest the food. So the food will be stacking in fat.
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# Exercises To Lose Stomach Fat Men

The normal exercise is a healthy way of life, not only can shrink your belly, but all the organs that are in your body can be ideal as you wish. One of the good sports to reduce the stomach include:

Sit up

Doing sit up in the afternoon is a good thing, because the muscles are already going on with a day of activity. How to make sit ups the right to lower your belly. You sit down and bend your legs. And then do the agency to sit and sleep, dozens of times. For you beginners you can do 20-30 times, after that, it could rise to 50. So why do sit ups could shrink belly? Because with sit up so that the muscles that often interact is the stomach, so fat that is in your belly will burn with a diaphoretic.

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Jogging in the morning and evening, you can taste the freshness. But with a record of doing sports properly, as in the before and after exercise you do warm-up and stretching. Then too much fat will disappear and turn into a muscle-bound.

For men who want to be noticed by women, you have to have an ideal body. That's How To Lose Stomach Fat Men may be able to help.


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