How To Get Healthier Gums, Try This Tips

How To Get Healthier Gums, Try This Tips

There are many complaints of the mouth problems experienced by many people such as swollen gums and toothache. The mouth is a very important part of the body, where its function is as digestive organs first before the food goes into the stomach. Often the food that goes into your mouth brings lots of germs or bacteria making mouth so vulnerable with bacteria. Bacteria in the mouth that is not cleaned will be depression and health impact on the teeth and gums. Some of the types of losses that may be your natural teeth is damaged (cavities), cause of bad breath is not delicious, swollen gums and others.

Complaints The Gums That Frequently Arise

Gums and teeth are important for us that has function to process of digestion in the mouth. Unfortunately, gums and teeth are often weakened because we are rarely cleaned, or maybe because we often consume nutrients that make teeth susceptible to damage. Periodontal risk cavities are also more prone to damage when they often smoke or consume something that causes the painting, such as tea and coffee. Additionally, it can be because dental disorders as well as gums because the body lacks some nutrients, such as calcium deficiency so that the teeth are easily porous, or vitamin C deficiency is very easy for gum sores.

Gingivitis is a gum disorder often suffered by adults. Originally, it can cause loose teeth. Gingivitis is shown with some symptoms, such as red gums, swelling, ulcers, easy bleeding, and poor breathing, and in harsh conditions will cause pus to cause tooth shake and easy. Gingivitis is a cause of tartar. Teeth that are cleaned rarely lead to the development of reefs that cause inflammation faster than gums.

While the issue of the mouth that often arises are:

Canker Sores

Canker sores usually appear in the lips, gums, or tongue. In some cases, castles are shown because of Candida yeast in the person's mouth. However, the main triggers are usually for thrush disease and low immune system. This condition can usually be overcome by increasing the amount of vitamin C. Some types of medications can also lead to the growth of Candida yeast in the mouth so that the onset of disease castles leads. This type of drug is antibiotic medication. The experience of canker sores can often be a sign of some conditions, as there are types of diabetes.

Bad breath is not delicious

Bad breath is the most common disorder experienced in the mouth. The cause of bad breath is usually because someone is lazy to clean the mouth. The infection of the gums can also cause bad breath. Usually, the infection in the gums of the tooth that has been run by the crusty causes the gums prone to inflammation.

Gum Abscess

Gum abscess is a condition in which the gums have suffered swelling to cause pain and pus out. The gum abscess is usually triggered out of dental or dental pain caused by boring throughout the area exposed to infection. The infection causes swelling of the gums, even experienced in most cases causing swelling in the facial parts.


Dental piercing is the tooth problems that most people suffer. In fact, most oral disorders are dominated by the disease cavities. The risk of teeth decay is usually triggered by conditions that are rarely cleaned. Leftover dental food makes the development of rotten bacteria become more rapid so that it causes porous and hollow teeth. In most cases, severe cavities cause a person suffering from toothache.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can usually be known when someone brushing your teeth. Gum is usually bleeding automatically when brushing teeth that cause gums are red and swollen. Gum bleeding is usually triggered by the bacteria in the cavity between the gums and the tooth. A pregnant woman or a person who consumes a certain type of medication such as aspirin is too weak to suffer from gum bleeding.


The leading tar of tooth and gum are break. Not only to destroy the appearance of teeth, Tartar will also cause gingivitis causing even experienced cause cavities or separate. Tar causes are run by a number of activities that are not good for the mouth, such as rarely brushing, brushing the wrong way, smoking, and often drinking tea or coffee.

Oral disorders especially on gum and teeth are a severe enough disorder because when the mouth is cut, the appetite will usually also go down. To avoid gum and mouth disorder, you can perform some of the following tips. Some of the following tips at once will maintain the health of your gums and your mouth.

Tips So That Your Gums Healthier Naturally

Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol

Tea and coffee can actually be your consumption sometimes. However, often drinking tea and coffee can cause the plaque to have teeth up to the peak in the crust of the tooth. As explained earlier, the tooth cortex is the leading of a break in the gums (gingivitis) and causes porous teeth. It's good you don't drink alcohol at all. Alcohol can cause dry mouth and cause foul odor.

Brushing your teeth twice a day

To maintain dental health, the main method that can be done is carefully cleaned. Make it usually brush your teeth after a meal, or at least 2 times a day, morning and night before going to bed. To prevent the rest of the dirt in between teeth, you can use the help of dental floss. In order to be optimized, you can also use mouthwash so that it is cleaner and free of bad breath. If you don't like the mouthwash you bought, you can create natural mouthwash using a mixture of water and salt.

Doing dental cleaning

It will help me clean the thread leftover food that lies in the cavity between the teeth and the gums. Dental cleaning will prevent the occurrence of gum abscess and gum inflammation as well. Addition, the tooth crust can also be prevented.

Food For Healthy Teeth And Gums

Mushroom Filth

It contains the two fasts that can prevent the development of bacteria in the mouth so as to prevent teeth-free painting.

Oranges and pineapple

They contain acid that may increase saliva production, prevent the development of corrupt bacteria, and remove the tar that causes the plaque.


It contains malic acid which is useful for removing the refinement on your teeth.

Sesame seeds

It is rich in calcium that is useful for promoting healthy dental bones and gums.

Carrot and celery

Both can lead to the production of saliva which is useful as a normal cleaning of the mouth and teeth.


Contains basic nutrients that can enhance dental by e-mail provides a layer of anti-acid.
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Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C which is useful for preventing the damage caused by collagen gums until they become healthier gums.


Low in carbohydrates and high calcium and phosphate are good for dental health. Cheese also benefits keeping the PH balance in the mouth.


Contain the acids that can be cleaned and make the teeth look whiter.

Green Tea

It contains the material called Catchin which works to prevent the development of bacteria in the mouth.
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Maintaining healthy gums also affect oral health including the teeth. Healthy gums will certainly create your teeth are also more healthy and strong. You can perform dental treatment such as written above. And don't forget to go to the dentist every 6 months for examination.


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