How To Control Diabetes, Doing This Way

How To Control Diabetes, Doing This Way

Diabetes is one of the diseases that are highly feared by everyone, a lot of chronic diabetes patients who died. Bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle became one of the factors in the risk of diabetes. Instead of just being the only genetic risk the largest but less attention to health also gives a great influence. To find out the cause of the diabetes and please read below.

The Cause Of Diabetes

This diabetes occurs when the pancreas can no longer produce insulin in sufficient quantities, or it could be because your body becomes less sensitive to insulin that occurs. Insulin is a hormone that is generated by the pancreas and is used to convert glucose into energy. If insulin production decreases or is ineffective, then blood glucose levels can no longer control it well. Because that is the therapy for diabetic people always giving hormone insulin as a natural hormone chair produced body.

Various types of foods can aggravate the condition of diabetes, such as the wrong diet and consuming foods that contain glucose too much, other than that it is less sport can also aggravate the condition. Diabetes is a condition that requires special management. If blood sugar is not well controlled, diabetes is able to threaten the patient.

So try to learn easy steps to control diabetes as reported by the health that follows me.

A blood test

Now it is widely sold the tools to check for high blood sugar, we do not need more to lab. With this tool we can check our blood sugar levels before and after meals. Even if it is necessary we can ask the doctors to install tools on our loins that continually observe the levels of sugar in our blood. This is very useful when our blood sugar levels tend to be up and down in irregular.


Diet is the first step that should be considered in the control of diabetes. Especially for patients with type 2 diabetes, the consumption of carbohydrates, fats and proteins should be calculated correctly. Be sure to maintain weight and blood sugar to keep it balanced.


In this modern era of almost every person aware of how important it is to maintain a good set of healthy foods. But for diabetics regulating food can be the determination of life and death. Foods that contain carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, noodles, and many others will accelerate the increase in blood sugar levels. Food-food is processed by the body in glucose/sugar. It is important that reducing the portion of foods like this is especially for those who are accustomed to eating rice three times a day. Foods recommended for diabetics are foods that contain proteins such as eggs, milk, fish, chicken breasts. Of course the vegetables also need a lot of food. The fruits can be eaten gradually developed, also sweet mangos are to be restricted, so are jackfruit, pineapple, and banana.

Weight control
A healthy lifestyle can also help you lose weight. Obesity/overweight is a risk factor that can lead to the development of common diabetes type 2 or diabetes that occurs due to the unhealthy lifestyle.


Diabetics advise to do at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. The lighter exercise can be a ride or a race. With regular exercise, the body will make the functioning of insulin become diabetes any better so capable of controlled safely.

Stop smoking

Because smoking can lead to large or small blood vessels to harden and narrow, causing blood flow to be interrupted. While diabetes is disease increases the risk of dangerous illnesses such as stroke and nerve damage. This'll aggravate your illness.


Stress is bad for everyone, especially for diabetics. The causes of stress affect blood sugar levels. So diabetics should find a way to control their stress through yoga or meditation.


If diabetes is treated hard with diet and exercise, patients can be medicated to relieve the symptoms. Unfortunately some drugs make the weight loss easier. So make sure that the medicine that the diabetes consumption has been approved by the doctor.


Many doctors recommend drug use along with therapeutic insulin in diabetics. Because the cells of the pancreas cannot produce insulin due to high blood sugar levels. Insulin therapy is also commonly called a blood-wash.

If you are one of the diabetic patients or people who suffering from diabetes, then control the diabetes is the action that needs to be done to keep it from getting worse. Now that is how to control diabetes.


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