How To Brush Your Teeth, Make It So Clean

How To Brush Your Teeth, Make It So Clean

Things that support your appearance are the mouth and teeth, thus taking care of dental health should be done. So the appearance is not only related to the hair and skin, but mouth and teeth are also an important part of the interface. Why the hair is nice but has a broken tooth and has bad breath is not tasty, the smile is not interesting at all.

When communicating with other one of the teeth and mouth became more attention, therefore keep your teeth and your mouth to always be clean. The correct way of brushing teeth will give you maximum results compared by means of brushing teeth less precise. Many germs and bacteria lodged in the teeth that are difficult to reach, if brushing teeth less true then the bacteria and germs are more depression.

The correct way of brushing teeth is brushing teeth should be done 3 times a day, while the time for brushing my teeth, please read here. The advantage of the correct way of brushing your teeth is to avoid bad breath is not tasty and cavities.

Tips Brushing Your Teeth Properly

How long will you brush your teeth

We recommend brushing my teeth twice a day but mostly 3 times a day. When we clean my teeth, perform this activity for at least 2 minutes. Do not rub the teeth in the mouth 4 parts, every 30 seconds.

Don't rush when brushing your teeth

Simply brush your teeth slowly without the pressure that was very hard, brushing teeth more than 3 times a week as it turns out can cause sores on the gums.

Use the right toothbrush

We need a toothbrush that can get in your mouth easily and effortlessly also hit our hands. Please choose a toothbrush with bristles that are smooth and silky fur that is hard as they will hurt your gums. (Read : Proper tooth brushing).

Use appropriate toothpaste

Not all toothpaste is the same. Wrong choosing toothpaste can even eat teeth. So do not use toothpaste with these materials continuously. Also change with standard toothpaste only with fluoride.

The right way to clean teeth

How To Brush Your Teeth

Put the brush on
  • Position 45 degree angle Shape brush then brush your teeth gently and slowly twisted the way.
Cleaning out of teeth and gums
  • Use the same motion that turns our toothbrush into the surface of the part.
Brush inside
  • Rub all parts of the dental surface that are used to chew any generators. The trick is to use the tip of a coarse toothbrush with a light compression so that the brush bristles aren't bent.
  • Brush your teeth with upright position and move slowly up and down to clean up inside the front teeth.
Brush your teeth up and down
  • Brush your tongue after finishing brushing my teeth so that the bacteria can clean the fresher breathing and avoid the bad breath.
  • So that the gums are not swollen or even bleed, please choose a toothbrush with soft whiskers to brush.
  • Store toothbrushes instead of dry and replace them instantly with a new one if the brush bristles are damaged.
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You can perform the way you brush your teeth by following the tips above. Brushing will reduce the risk of damaged teeth, cavities, bad breath and gum problems. Hope this review is helpful to all.


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